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    Moroccan Tan help

    Hi Melfro, Thank you for choosing MoroccanTan and we are sorry you are having difficulties with choosing the best product for your clients to achieve the desired results. Attached is our solution guide which may assist you with colour choices and rinse off times :) Happy to assist further and...
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    Organic fast tans?

    Hi Leila, We have recently launched our darkest & fastest tan - MoroccanTan MoroccanAccelerated. Uniquely designed to suit all complexions, this solution delivers the darkest and most intense finish within the MoroccanTan range. Ultra bronzers, boosted melanin tanning technology and a 48 hour...
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    Not loving Fake Bake anymore, suggestions?

    Hi CurlyWurly1986, The conversion course is a fantastic option we offer to refresh your skills and learn some new tips and tricks, however it is not a requirement to stock our range as long as you are qualified. Please contact Sweet Squared for more information! Happy tanning, MT xx
  4. MoroccanTan

    Moroccan Tan

    Hi la.tanning, All of the products from the Original Collection (white bottles) are 2 hour formulas. This means that the product can be washer off (rinse off with water only) 2 hours after the application and the colour will keep developing further. For darker results, this collection can be...
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    Looking for a rapid tan

    Hi Ash, In our Original range we have an 8%, 10%, 12% and 14% DHA solution. These solutions are green based to counteract any orange tones that you may find. We don't recommend you leave them on any longer than the recommended wash off times as this can cause the DHA to over develop. Our Exotic...
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    Moroccan Tan

    Hi Alex, Every person has different threshold to DHA, some people are simply more sensitive to it. Our Original collection can be left on skin for 2-6 hours prior to rinse off, some people are happy with the colour after 2 hours yet some like the colour after 4. It is all about finding the...
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    Moroccan Tan questions

    Hi rippersroo, If your client has done everhtying correctly and the colour didn't develop as dark as what you or her hoped for with MorocanNights after 4 hours, then the below is most likely what has happened: "Our Exotic range (Dusk 11% & Nights 15%) is packed with heaps of hydrating and...
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    Moroccan Tan questions

    Hi rippersroo, You are 100% correct in spraying on number 4 as you don't want to over-saturate the skin and let the product run. There could be a number of reasons why your customer didn't go as dark as she hoped to and troubleshooting is the best way to get to the bottom of the issue...
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    Moroccan Tan questions

    Hi ForYou, We love all our furry friends, so MoroccanTan is PETA approved - 100% vegan and animal friendly MT x
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    Which is the best machine for mobile use, Crazy Angel or Pro V Tanning?

    Hi Jo W, We use Tanning Essentials Pro V tanning machines and these are great for mobile tanners - super light weight & compact, while not compromising on performance. These machines are great for salon use too as they are rated for back to back spraying without any issues. You can also...
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    Looking for a super dark solution?

    Hi Ladies, MoroccanTan is specifically designed to look as natural as possible with low chance of overdevelopment. However, if you are after a super dark tan, try MoroccanCoco 14% & leave it on skin for 4-6 or so hours (rinse with water only) MT xx
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    New to tanning!

    Thanks everyone! We love that you love MT :) MT x
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    Moroccan Tan 12%

    Hi ciderella71, Elena21 and Jodmarie, Once the product is applied on the skin, please make sure that the first rinse is 2-4 hours after application and it is a light rinse off with water only - no soap, body wash, shampoo, etc., and don't apply anything back to the skin, like lotion/oil, until...
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    New to tanning!

    Hi Samhayes94, We have a range of sample packs so that you can trial our products. Please contact us on details below for more info: or by phone: 0845 210 6060 MT x
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    Moroccan Tan 12%

    Hello lovely spraytanners, It is unusual that MT Bronze 12% is not developing dark enough, however every skin is different and every skin will develop differently as tans develop with DHA reacting with amino acids and proteins that are present in the skin. Furthermore, there are many things...
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    New to tanning!

    Hi Nataliebarnes, Of course we are biased, but we think MT is amazing. Infused with organic Argan Oil and whole heap of other amazing antioxidants and vitamins, MT products don't just give you an amazing tan, but also keep your skin healthy and hydrated. We have 6 professional products within...
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    Moroccan instant tan?

    Hi Cloverhill! Are you able to please tell us the name of the product you sampled for so we can further assist? MT x
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    Tanning the face

    Hi Raeny, We recommend turning down the solution dial on the gun to lessen the flow for tanning the face xx MT x
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    How many mils of tan should you be using?

    Hi Hols, Generally speaking you should be using 45-50mls of spray tan solution per full body spray. Ideally you should be getting 17-22 full body sprays with every 1 litre bottle MT x
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    Good Morning Gemma, What strength is the DHA in the solutions you spraying on the client? Orange tones can sometimes occur if the the solution being sprayed is too dark for the skin type; this causes artificial colours to be thrown off. Another option would be to opt for a violet based tan...