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  1. FrenchQueen

    I'm really struggling with my soak off gel

    It may just be my pregnancy brain but I didn't get from your step by step if you are doing a full 2 minute cure after the first and second coat of color. This is very important. If each layer is not cured properly this will definatly cause problems. It should be 2min cure after base n gloss A...
  2. FrenchQueen

    Anasthetic, will this cause nail loss?

    I have found that the general anesthetic causes my nails to lift right off within 2 or 3 days. I've had surgery 6 times in the last 5 years and each time this happened to me although after 2 weeks or so I was back to normal and not having any lift. Although I have had several clients that have...
  3. FrenchQueen

    Comment by 'FrenchQueen' in media 'neon flowers both hand shot'

    These are very cute. I love them
  4. FrenchQueen

    Comment by 'FrenchQueen' in media '22943.jpg'

    All it takes is practice. I only learnt these Nfu Oh Flowers in october this year.
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  8. FrenchQueen

    NailFresh advice

    hmm I have actually never had any of these problems at all. I have used nail fresh as I trained with cnd. I'm not at all saying it's not a great prep product but just that for me the results using acetone were the same as using Nailfresh for french polish. I'm not sure about any of the problems...
  9. FrenchQueen

    Fill lines and 'patchy' pink and white help

    In my experience if you can see a shadow of the previous white after rebalancing it's because you haven't removed enough of the old white product before applying new white acrylic. So when you finish file it the old white shows through as more opaque because you have too much old white and not...
  10. FrenchQueen

    NailFresh advice

    I just used acetone for this. It doesn't need to be nailfresh. The result is exactly the same and acetone is more cost efective. I have one brush that I use just for this too.
  11. FrenchQueen

    Comment by 'FrenchQueen' in media '16383.jpg'

    these are edge nails with black acrylic and nfu oh silver sliced glitter and silver thread on the tips.. I love it everyone kept saying they lookes like smashed glass
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  14. FrenchQueen

    What are you wearing on your nails???

    this is my nails for the next while. I saw some like this in a competition and they were so beautiful I had to give it a try lol
  15. FrenchQueen

    Welcome to NZ p1nklady :) We have a small nz nail tech forum too. Check it out :) NZ Nail Techs...

    Welcome to NZ p1nklady :) We have a small nz nail tech forum too. Check it out :) NZ Nail Techs - For Nail Technicians in New Zealand