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  1. cmorcom

    Beauty express vat free day

    Does anyone know when one is coming up ? I always miss them :( x Sent from my iPad
  2. cmorcom

    Essentials glam or pro spray tan machine?

    Hi Does anyone have any experience of either of these hvlp spray tan machines ? The glam is half the price so would be interested about your thoughts before I buy !!! :) thanks
  3. cmorcom

    Mixing Euroblonde and Homme caused pain?

    Hi Wonder if anyone can help . I had a small bit of Perron rigot Homme wax and filled my pot with Euroblonde . My First Lady was a Hollywood , she mentioned it was more painful than normal and the following day a little more sore . Could this be the cause ? One thing , she had just...
  4. cmorcom

    LDN Skins

    Hi all Has anyone used Ldn ? What are your thoughts ? They have also just bought out an express , anyone used this ? ! Xx
  5. cmorcom

    Best magnifying lamp?

    Hi , I m just looking at mag lamps to help with threading mainly but will use for other things . Can anybody give me some pointers? Thanks
  6. cmorcom

    Threading course - Vaisha vanity

    Hi , I ve been chatting to Vaisha from vasha vanity Essex about threading courses. She's been lovely and very knowledgeable. I wonder has anybody trained or visited her ? Would love to hear anyone's experiences :)
  7. cmorcom

    Spray tan and lash lift on same appointment ?

    Hi ! Could anyone tell me there view on doing both these together ? Obviously the lift first but could the tan react if applied straight after ? Thanks :)
  8. cmorcom

    Lash lift training near Nottingham

    Hi , Does anyone know of a lash lift course around my area? :))
  9. cmorcom

    Tips not sticking with Gel Bond

    Hi , I know there are simular threads but just wanted to ask this question. I bought some gel bond for tip application, I couldn t get it to stick no matter how I tried . Applied downward pressure for 10 secs etc . I think I tried about 10 times, on different nails before I gave up . I know...
  10. cmorcom

    Best eye make up remover?

    Hi, can anyone suggest a good eye make up remover . My brand doesn t sell one as such . So any pointers would be great ! Xx
  11. cmorcom

    Faith lift mask facial routine

    Hi, could anybody go through their routine when incorporating faith lift into their basic facials ? My understanding is cleanse and exfoliate prior the applying and leaving for 30 mins , during which I would give a hand and arm mAssage. I then remove the mask. Any other steps I should be...
  12. cmorcom

    Booking app for iPad/phone that syncs with standard calendar?

    Hi, I know the question for best app has been asked but none, that I can see sync with the calendar . Any ideas? I would have to check both at the moment which is a bit long winded!! Xxx
  13. cmorcom

    Curing OPI Gelcolor - what LED lamp do you use?

    Hi all , I use artistic colour gloss and gelish , love them both. However just booked into a gelcolor workshop at a great price! So couldn t not! I use the five finger artistic pro 30 Lamp but I know the Opi led is 32 watts so not sure if mine will cure? I ve asked Lena white and they advised...
  14. cmorcom

    Eyelash tinting and waxing - which first ?

    HI, I ve got a lady this morning for an eyelash tint , eyebrow and lip wax . I know with Brow tinting it should be done at the beginning for various reasons but would eyelashes be the same? I m pretty sure not as the tint makes no contract with the waxed brow ( hopefully!!!) and would be nicer...
  15. cmorcom

    Perron Rigot wax roller cartridges - cleaning

    I m just interested to know. Do these cartridges need to be thrown away after every client? Or can they be cleaned and reused? Also approx how much wax would you use normally for an average full leg wax ? Many thanks
  16. cmorcom

    Nail art - Antiguan flag?

    Hi . Wonder if anyone could help with this request?! Have a lady who would like a Union Jack in one toe and the Antiguan flag on the other . My first thought was minx but they don t do the Antiguan flag , from what I can see anyway! I only use ACG and gelish and don t have a yellow, which is a...
  17. cmorcom

    Refectocil mix ratio - advice please

    Can I ask, do you use 20/15 drops of cream developer for 2cm of tint? As per intructions? I just did a patch test, reduced the volume but the same ratio . The tint hardly tinted the area?
  18. cmorcom

    Wax heater from ellisons e210

    I m looking at buying a couple of wax heaters. I d like hive however came across this sold at ellisons - beauty essentials deluxe e210 wax heater. Could anyone advise me on this if they have one please?
  19. cmorcom

    Eyebrow tinting - skin or no skin!?

    Just a quick question! Who pushes the tint through to the skin and who just keeps it on the hair? Or do you do both depending on the client and the look they want to achieve? x
  20. cmorcom

    Refectocil color cleanser

    Hi! I ve just started and need to buy supplies!! Could anyone tell me if they have used refectocil color cleanser? If so is it better/same as any other solution? Cx