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    Making tax digital?

    Hi anyone got info on Making Tax Digital which is due 2019/20 . As far as I can see this means VAT returns would be completed electronically via some software straight from the business system (e.g. sage or whatever) or possibly from a smart pc based till boking system. Maybe its like when you...
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    Where to advertise room and nail stations for rent

    Hi following on from the previous thread what's the best way to advertise a therapy room or a nail station for rental. After many years in business we've never done this - so feel out of touch with networks. I've only seen one salon supplier with a notice board. Does Gumtree do it all? Looking...
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    Room/chair rent - keeping customers separate

    Hi all, I've been reading up on the basics of renting out a nail station and a room and appreciate the need for written terms between both sides. This would be within an existing beauty salon. Any suggestions on keeping the customer base separate? They'd run their own customers in the main, but...