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    Blonde back to brown?

    hi geeks, my client is a natural base 6 with lots of bleach highlights she wants to go around a wella colour touch 5/37, just debating whether to pre pig with /43 first or just add to the ct?
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    Wella 55/66 advice

    i have a client who currently has 30% white hair and a natural base 5. i currently use wella kp 5/0 + 5/07 so its fairly dark. she wants to go to wella kp 55/66. i am thinking bleach bath to remove dark tones on ends, then 55/66+5/0+0/66 on roots 6%, then the ends i would like opinions please to...
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    Wedding hair-rollers vs heated rollers?

    hi all just wanted opinions on this ladys hair im doung for a wedding, her hair as you can see is mega frizzy curly and she wants big bouncy curls!! i cant decide whether to go with normal roller set or heated rollers or big tongs? help!!
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    Ombre courses?

    has anyone been on a good ombre course?
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    Traffic light highlights

    hi geeks, today i was asked for something i have never heard of, traffic light highlights a clients friend had done and my client wanted same? she said it was a bleach highlight for one colour then two other tinted blondes with one being purple and the other green? she said it was to enhance the...
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    Hot pod heated rollers

    hi has anyone had any experience of any of the new pod system heated rollers?
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    Time to decide, Gelish or OPI GelColour?

    hi all, has anyone used both gelish and opi gelcolour and got any opinions on which they prefer? have been using gelish on my own nails but have just done the gel colour course to compare, still cant decide which to go with?
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    Lowlighting naturally light hair

    has anyone used a nice wella colour through a natural base 10 to give a warmer effect ie around a 8/7 result, not something i get asked to do much after all who would want to darken natural baby blonde hair!!
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    Newbie advice, please

    hi im now qualified in manicure pedicure and looking to do another course in either gelish, opi gel colour or geleration, does anyone have any advice and recommendation not only for the products but also for the training?
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    Ideas for masquerade ball updo

    hi all im going to a masquerade ball and fancy an updo, i always seem to have loads of ideas when im doing other peoples but not for my own!! my hair is below shoulders fine but lots of it? 😃
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    Ombre techniques

    hi all does anyone have a simple ombre technique sheet/guide for shoulder length hair. thanks😃
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    Nice bleach advice

    hi all, cant seem to find a bleach that is good for highlights that doesnt develop too fast? currently using wella soft blonde but have tried matrix, schwarzcopf blonde me (which has changed and is now awful), to name a few!! has anyone tried the new loreal platine in the blue pouch???:):)
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    Manicure course recommendation?

    hi i have just bobbed over from hair forum, i am wanting to train in gel nails but first need to do a manicure course, can anyone recommend a good one in the yorkshire area?
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    Back to back highlights vs full head bleach

    Just wondering what other geeks think of this? One of my clients as back to back bleach highlights but i find them a real pain to do, would it not be better just to go for full head bleach? 😃
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    Matrix graphics

    Hi was just wondering if anyone has used graphics over a red tint and if it successfully lifted? 😃
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    Hi was just wondering if anyone else has had any problems with the new wella curl it perm? I have a client who always has wella perform with no probs, we switch to curl it for coloured hair and its straight as a die when it comes out? Also as she doesnt colour her hair that often the first inch...
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    Extensions for testing

    Hi fellow geeks, was just wondering if anyone can recommend some extensions they use for doing hair colour strand tests? I have tried bleaching out some base 6 ones from ebay but they wont lift light enough? Any thoughts anyone?😃
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    Faded out red removal to more natural light brown with caramel highlights

    I have a client with very long hair that she has been colouring herself with a red/brown, she now has 4inch regrowth (base 6 ) and fadedout red/orange ends, my question is do i bleach shampoo or just tone out the red to get brown then hilight over ?