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    Shellac trouble

    So I’ve been using shellac on my clients and on one lady it started wrinkling however I felt like it was applied thick. But I’m new to shellac as the salon used to use gelish Are you supposed to cap every layer? how many coats do you reccomend? If any of you are experts in shellac I’d
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    Bisou nails?

    hi has anyone ever heard or bison nails? is it a good brand?, looking into trying a new nail system but never heard of it. but colours look lovely
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    Nail/beauty shows

    does anyone know if there will be any beauty/nail shows going on this year? and when/where they'll be? doing a nail tech course (already a therapist) so would be nice to get some bits for my kit
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    Websites to buy nail tools/supplies

    hi can anyone reccomend any good sites to buy anything nail related? like mani tools, products, gems, art etc? x
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    Nail systems?

    hi everyone. I am level 2 and 3 beauty qualified and also qualified in gel polish. I currently use ink London for my gels. however I'm going on to do a nail tech course level 3, and was wondering to those who do acrylics and gel enhancements do you use a one brand system or separate ones? I...