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    Burnt orange Shellac

    Hi ladies, I just had a client in today that has asked for a burnt orange shellac - just wondering if anyone knows what layering I can do to achieve this colour - I only use shellac so have to work with their colour range. Help would be appreciated ta:suprised::rolleyes:
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    ibd gel polish

    Hi Becky, I am a trained IBD and am moving to Melb Oz in 4 weeks time are you able to supply not only products but advice when I am out there !!!
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    French Tips

    Hi just use the tips on there own..didn't know you could use anything over the top. Using IBD so do you have any helpful tips that you could give me..
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    French Tips

    Hi just wondering newly trained and have been using Star Nails tips (french curviture) with well - they are now discontinuing this range - what tips do you recommend that has a nice white colour... :eek:
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    I want to change from IBD gel

    Hi again its Sal I can't believe this site so so helpful, you wrote about using too much bonder which I feel I have maybe been doing - don't want to give up on IBD but as a newly trained tech its frustrating what is a stick primer - does it do that same job as bonder but easier to use !!!
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    ibd clear gel natural overlays

    Hi Kate just trained on IBD do you mean you used 2 coats of IBD extreme builder clear on your nails then tip then 2 more coats of extreme builder clear then a coat of just clean gel not builder. Have never tried this and if you are doing it this way very interested to give it a go mine constant...
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    I am looking to retail mini nail enamels any ideas!

    Yes Orly do minis, love them great to give to retail to clients and I also give them to clients if they are going away and need to take backup
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    IBD gel overlay

    Hi hoping someone can help me I use the IBD gel system and am wanting to know how to do a natural french overlay on clients own nails. Do I use the white builder gel first to create tip and smile line then clear gel or do I use builder gel. Or do I put clear gel on first then white builder gel...
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    Natural French Overlay IBD

    Just wondering if anyone can help how do I do a natural overlay on clients own nails getting confused !!! Do I use the white builder gel first to create french tip smile line then a couple of coats of clear gel or do I use builder gel ???
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    IBD Gels

    Why does my IBD gel nails always lift at the free edge and become discoloured after just a few days - do you think ulta seal is a better cover than a clear gel. Has anyone got any opinions on a better user friendly gel system than IBD. :irked: