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    Yours halo stamper

    Hi, Jut after some advice on the best way to clean the yours halo stamper? Thanks
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    Wildflowers products

    Hi, I’ve been looking at ordering some products from wildflowers... particularly stamping gels, stamping plates, some neon pigments and foils. The company is American and therefore postage is fairly high. Before I go ahead and order I hoped someone may have already used these products and...
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    Help with patchy CND Shellac

    I have used cnd shellac for a few years now and absolutely love it. Love the brand, love the range of colours, love the removal time. However one thing I have struggled with is some colours looking “patchy” with just two coats. I recently did a set in “candied” from the chick shock collection...
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    Applying Shellac outdoors?

    I have a charity day coming up where I have been asked to participate by offering shellac manicures and pedicures throughout the day. I am just coming back into nails after some time away and thought it would be a great way to promote myself and also contribute towards the charity which is an...