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    9 1/2 series Schwarzkopf Igora

    I am looking to use the 9 1/2 - 1 to tone highlights using 3%. I haven't used this range of toners before and was just wondering if someone could tell me if the colour will do anything to the natural hair colour running in between the highlights? Thanx for any help
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    Colour 12A hair extensions?

    Hi I have previously used foxy hair for this colour however since relaunching their hair and website they no longer have this colour. Does anyone know any other sites that stock this colour around the same price range ? Thanx
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    Blonde to dark and back to blonde again

    Hi I have a client who last year was lighter last year. She is a natural base 5 and had a full head tint of a golden colour (think it was 6G/7G matrix) then bleach highlights through it. She then went all dark again close to her natural colour (base 5) in October. She is now wanting to go back...
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    Mixing drinks

    Hi random question.. always hear people saying dont mix wine and vodka.. does the same apply for champagne and vodka? Dont want to end up ill haha x Thanx xx
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    Full head highlights to Ombre?

    Hi I have a client currently full head bleach highlights would like to go to an ombre style like caroline flack? what would be the best way to do this? Thanx xx
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    Toning down highlights

    Hi I have a client full head bleach highlights but her natural colour is about a base 4/5 and is wanting it toned down a bit so her roots done come in as noticeable. Can anyone recommend a colour to use? Thanx:biggrin:
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    Lash serums?

    Hi I have been getting semi permanent lashes done for the last few months and thinking of getting them taken off as I am worried about my own eyelashes just as they have been on for as long but I am hating the idea of having them off :( has anyone tried any of these serums and do they work? Thanx
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    Lash serums?

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    Redness after HD brows

    Hi there wondering if anyone can help me am gona phone the salon once it opens just looking for advice. I got hd eyebrows done yesterday n have woke up this morning with under my brows looking red and feeling sensitive like it would after waxing. Is this normal or does it sound like some kind of...
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    Redness after HD brows

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    Foxy Hair and Hair Planet?

    Hi does anyone have a colour ring for both x I have a foxy one but just wanted to check if there was much difference in the colours? Thanx
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    Best moisturiser before and after spray tan

    Hi could someone please recommend a moisturiser to use leading up to a spray tan. Obviously wouldnt apply any on day of tan but I remember reading that some moisturisers leave a coating on your skin even after showering? Also which moisturiser is best for a few days after tanning that wont strip...
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    Best moisturiser before and after spray tan

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    Good conditioner for extensions?

    Hi just wondering if anyone can reccommend a good conditioner to use on extensions ? mine are feeling a bit dry just now x
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    What colours would this be in Matrix?

    On about a natural base 7-8 what colours would this be in matrix please if anyone can help? Thanx
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    Xen tan or Sienna X?

    Hi I have been using xen tan dark tanning lotion for years now so always worried to try somethin else but has anyone tried the 2 tans? Or even just let me know what the sienna self tan lotion is like thanx x
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    Glue left on hair after microrings

    Hi I had a client for repositioning. . When I removed the rings there was glue from the tip like where the ring had been and the tips werent hard they were sticky and soggy (dont know how else to describe it) has anyone had this before? Any other clients ive done the tips have still been hard...
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    Sienna Tonights the Night tan?

    Hi I have booked in for this tan was just wondering if anyone has tried it? I am having to get it as its the only way I can fit it in around work.. Thanx :biggrin:
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    Micro Ring Size?

    Hi sorry does anyone know if the micro rings from lush us and foxy are the same size? lush us says 5.0mm but I cant find the size of foxys.. thax
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    Lush Us colour numbers?

    Hi I am trying to order from lush us however I have matched my clients colour up to a 4.. lush us in the length I need only have 6 and 5? I dont have a colour swatch for 5 would this be a mix or 4 and 6 does anyone know? Thanx