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    Damaged natural nail

    Hey lovely’s! So one of my friends came round today. And he has this on his nail... He’s not my client or anything just need to make that clear 😂 he said the bit that almost looks like dead cuticle is actually his nail but it’s growing upwards rather than along the nail bed! And there is...
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    Acrylic nails not lasting, 30 weeks pregnant

    Hey! I have been doing acrylics and hard gel extensions for 2 years. I have a pretty client base and I know there is nothing wrong with my application. however... my acrylics are not lasting on my own nails for my last 2 fills.... I have been having them for 2 years. I had a 6 week break in...
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    Gel polish top coat peeling off acrylic ombré

    Hi ladies Hoping someone can help. I done a pink and white ombré set last week. I’ve done them many times before but it has been a week and she has messaged me with a picture and the gel top coat has peeled off on 2 nails. any ideas on why this would happen? I always cap the free edge...
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    3 in 1 nail machine salon expert/trinity/unbranded

    Hi My electric file died on Monday so I have been on the hunt for a new one. I purchased the salon expert 3 in 1 nail machine for about £230. I have just come across what looks like the exact same machine but it is called the trinity. And for £100 I then found it again but down as unbranded...