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    I like the clynol range, I think that it has been around long enough to be a trust worthy brand. I am perfectly happy using the Clynol range.
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    hair straighteners which ones?

    Get a pair of GHDs. I couldn't live without mine (I have had them about 18 months now). They are worth every penny.
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    help advice needed!

    Hair loss products such as Nioxin and Rejuvx have been developed especially to combat thinning hai and remove the major causes of hairloss. Hair thickness is a combination of hair diameter and hair density - people can have thin hair but a lot of it or thick hair that is relatively sparce...
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    Which GHD's To Get?

    The ghd mk4's (or IV styler) are the ones for you. They are the latest from ghd and will straightener any type of hair better than anything else out there. the Mk4 is more responsive, heats up quicker and maintains temperature better. It has an auto adjusting voltage system which means that...
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    Why is some hair curly and others not?

    Whether your hair is curly or straight is down to your genes. However, the way in which genes control the shape of your hair is widely debated. Once upon a time scientists believed that how curly hair was depended on the individual hair shafts, they have since found out that the shape of the...
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    Static hair?

    Static electricity is cause when certain materials rub against each other - like wool on plastic or the soles of shoes on carpet. Everything is made up of tiny parts called atoms, atoms are made up of even tinier parts cal protons, electrons and neutrons. Atoms are usually neutral, as they...
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    I do realise that you have probably already have this client in, but for anyone with a similar problem in the future here is my response: The first place I would begin is by researching the hair styles of some of the bigger names of the 60s: Ursula andress, jane asher, shirley bassey, honor...
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    What can I do to KEEP my hair straight?

    By putting "sexy hair concepts soya want flat hair" into Google you should find several sites that stock this product, including salonlines. Or next time you are out and about pop into a few salons and ask about it.
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    Curling Hair

    We have found that the best way to curl hair is by using hair straighteners. Step 1) Wash and condition hair as normal. Step 2) Finger dry your hair using a hairdryer. Section the hair roughly into 3" sections. Step 3) Using ghds place the iron vertical to your head and as close to the...