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    The app

    The app is not back and will not come back. This is The link on the desktop is the substitution for an app. You still have an icon that will take you directly to the forum. And with this you have full forum function.
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    @AngieM - please fix broken link on weekly forum email

    https://www.salongeekcom/newsletter/15e6bdd56e4bc6a4b9e357d0e384ef103f5c0a4cfcbab00302e9074147d240e4/unsubscribe On your email can you do a right click on that link and copy link address and post it here. I need to verify what I saw above is the same as what you have in your email. Thank you
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    The app

    The app is not available but if you will go to your mobile browser and type in the Salon Geek address and bring up the forum, you can save to desktop and it will create an icon on your phone that looks same as an app. Then when you want to visit you just click on that and you have the full...
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    @AngieM - Hi

    Hi Trinity - I'm helping here in a technical role such as helping with software updates, fixes and help. As well as make sure the server is up and running and provide any technical assistance that is needed. I'll also answer questions about how the software works if you run into an issue...
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    Salon Classified Rules

    Salon Classified Rules To post a new thread on must have 5 prior posts. You must be a member for 30 days. You cannot post any Vendor related sales, these must be personal items. This is not a place to run a business of selling.
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    Opt-out of ads

    If you are logged in you can opt-out of seeing the ads. All you need to do is to click on your member name in the upper right corner. And go down to Preferences. Once there click on it and about 1/3 down the page you can check the opt out box and remember to save. While you are there...