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  1. House Beauty

    Local lockdown help

    Presumably as long as they don’t specify ‘no close contact services’ then you’d be ok...but they may well say ‘don’t go into anyone’s homes.’ In which case I’d whip up a gazebo and work outside with a waterproof extension lead and do what I gotta do :D But people going into other people’s homes...
  2. House Beauty

    Help with changing Universal Credit claim

    In the journal write a message to your work coach they will tell you what to do. Could also report a change. They try to avoid phones
  3. House Beauty

    Goggles to replace visor

    Look up anti glare film on eBay and have a play x
  4. House Beauty

    Bruising, can anybody help?

    Waxing training was always never ever wax a mans face because it can mess up hair growth patterns permanently, unless he is extremely persistent. Waxing aftercare advice is always do not go out in the sun, and if you absolutely have to, wait 48hrs minimum and wear a high spf on waxed areas...
  5. House Beauty

    Goggles to replace visor

    Back when Ebola was raging, there were recorded cases of nurses catching it due to changes in PPE. I read the report months ago but it was along the lines of nurses moving location to where the PPE guideline was goggles but where they had been located previously they were all in face shields...
  6. House Beauty

    Mobile waxing, how do you pack?

    Haha that sounds uncomfortable working on the floor. A backpack that opens like a laptop zip bag is pretty useful as you can open it out on a surface and find stuff. Clear zip pencil cases for sticks and strips etc So you’ve got •Couch • You will want to get some pvc or oilcloth approx 2m x...
  7. House Beauty

    Advice needed for a customer complaint

    Hold up This person is complaint about the heat of water in the 30mins they attended the venue..? Did they speak to someone when it was not perfect and did they fix her issue. If not did they say sorry about that. That’s it that’s the end of it. If she calls again ‘i understand that you must...
  8. House Beauty

    White spots and enhancements

    • A GP appt • Taking vitamins, zinc calcium • Increasing protein if in lines But mostly from avoiding trauma, so tapping nail extensions on keyboards and tables.
  9. House Beauty

    PCOS and thick facial hair

    Everyone is different, but I’ve found it doesn’t matter the brand just the different types of wax and techniques used together for the harder to remove ones, some options: • Hard wax • Strip wax • 1 x strip wax pass to remove top layer of unexfoliated skin followed by hard wax until gone •...
  10. House Beauty

    Lash lift enquiry

    It’s exactly the same products and routine. Just use silicon shields instead of rollers. The larger the shield the smaller the lift. Small shields give dramatic results, large gives curvier but is also better for long lashes. Give your insurer a call to confirm so you are covered.
  11. House Beauty

    Mobile clients

    Yeah don’t let anyone waste your time. You don’t want to be seeing anyone that is sick anyway, but if she’s saying she’s text you when she hasn’t she’s also unreliable so don’t book her again. I have no problem with cancellations or rescheduled due to unforeseen circumstance or ill clients but...
  12. House Beauty

    Eyelash nightmare

    Call any other lash salon that doesn’t look cheap and say hello, I’m having some bother please would you remove my lashes. Or say you need a removal and redo if you aren’t getting anywhere finding someone. Explain you appreciate they may not remove other people’s work but that you will pay for...
  13. House Beauty

    Massage lymph drainage

    I would call a local hospice and ask their recommendation so you can reschedule and help your client. Many of the hospices offer training for free, and you can visit to give massages as a donation to people going through treatment that can’t afford to get one like once a month or whatever...
  14. House Beauty

    I’m off

    I don’t actually think it’s possible to leave, I’ve tried a few times but couldn’t get deleted. Has to be against GDPR. I stop by every now and then but I do feel quite the same. Like all us oldies learned from each other and then gave advice but now all our wisdom is mostly transferred and...
  15. House Beauty

    Does anyone still have 'normal' polish?

    I mostly use it on my feet, but I can’t bend down multiple times for gel polish on myself easily. Clients never want it until you’ve got rid of it all or it’s start going funky... I have a box of it and mostly it’s used on me but every once in a blue moon someone will want it. Always red or blue.
  16. House Beauty

    Difficult client

    Stop responding. You no longer have any availability, but you can recommend (someone you don’t like? 🤣🤣🤣). If you use online bookings you can set it so they can’t see your availability sneakily so you appear totally full to people you don’t want. Thing is this woman has been walking over you...
  17. House Beauty

    Hard/hot wax

    Which Just wax one did you try? I’m vegan so use their vegan blue bead one but I really can’t fault the pink bead one..for those areas that the hair is in ten different directions or is v short as it never misses any. They used to do one in a tub at Sally’s that was actually very good too...
  18. House Beauty

    Am I crazy to start my business now?

    A lot can be said for a job that makes you happy. I know a lot of people that work awful jobs and go on and on about how they are successful because they work all hours but because they are so successful they don’t have time for ‘things.’ Most common phrase they say is ‘well I can’t do that, I...
  19. House Beauty

    Eureka moment

    That’s it Duchess! Beauty Guard!!!!! THANKYOU!!!! I just finished the last piece. Attaching the plastic sheet took me a month to get the courage...felt a bit like I wasn’t good enough. So the Whole centre piece swivels for Facing client and behind client on couch, then depending on height...