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    Very smooth hair after bleaching?

    Bleached hair doesn’t have to mean damaged hair.
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    What is the balance between looking busy and accommodating clients?

    In my 16 years I have learned to give honest availability within the hours you are willing to work. Be on time and professional and they will learn to relax and wait when you need them to. Honor their time and loyalty, don’t worry about looking busy. it always works to put them on a waitlist in...
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    Starting a business, help!

    I applaud you wanting to work for yourself! October will be two years that I have been on my own and I love it! I am renting a room and my clients are so grateful it is just them and me during this time. When I moved I had over a decade of experience and a very loyal clientele. It is very scary...
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    I am a fan of Wella Blondor. I use Freelights (clay) for open air/freehand and regular Blondor powder in foils. Freelights developer comes with either 9% or 12% but Olaplex with 9% will slow down the rate of lift to give you time to work. I remix with 12% for the last couple of sections and get...
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    Wella blondes toned down

    Yes there is a 9/3 in color touch. I mostly use it mixed with 0/00 for a buttery blonde toner. I push the limits with color for sure but I never mix demi and permanent.
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    Wella blondes toned down

    That’s totally a gut thing🤣. A good guesstimate would be 1/2oz per 2oz of color. You don’t want too much or it will lighten your formula but you want enough to fill. You will have to gauge how much you need According to porosity and texture. A little bit of 7/3 as part of the base formula can...
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    Wella blondes toned down

    I always use color touch 9/3 In my formula to fill anything level 7 and up. In my experience more than just a tiny dot of /4 in a level 6 or 7 formula is overpowering. Using 7/3 can make it look a little dull. Just make sure if you go with the 9/3 you don’t add any extra developer (pigment...