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  1. Claireybearyowen

    Age gap relationships thread

    Awwwwww I like these 'getting to know you threads' !! There's 6 years between me and Mr Fairy, I'm 38 and he's 32 but he's soooooooooo the 'old' one in our relationship!!! I'm always being told I'm a petulant teenager or being compared to his 6 year old!! Lol!! He loves me really xx My...
  2. Claireybearyowen

    Starting up - accounts/Excel spreadsheet

    Brilliant thank you again Lynne, I have saved them ready to block out some time ( once I have bought the excel for dummies book!!! LOL )) with a cuppa tea and some biccies to get my head around them! Huge Heart for this ! XX:Love:
  3. Claireybearyowen

    How to calculate margins

    What a soooooper thing to share how very unselfish of you , thank you thank you xxx
  4. Claireybearyowen

    Vinylux-Is anyone experiencing problems?

    At the risk of sounding dense, Aren't nails porus anyway? Hence the swelling / absorption of water , and the ability to absorb moisturisers and oils etc? This was my main concern when it was launched as a no base coat system? Am hoping they will launch a clearly pink kind if shade! I...
  5. Claireybearyowen

    Dilemma on phone number?

    I would go for a new number , especially if going to have it on marketing material that way you can keep home and private life just that! I started with a pay as you go phone until I knew how things would go then professed to a contract phone once I was a bit more established and had a regular...
  6. Claireybearyowen

    CND Email - Vinylux Polish?

    Lol I've just popped on SG for a pre bed browse and you're all totally bonkers !!!! It's great love it!! Will look forward to hearing all about it and seeing your pix! Think due to cash flows I'll be a little late to this party , but with my client base of regular polish wearers I will be at...
  7. Claireybearyowen

    CND Brisa Vintage Lamp

    Ace thanks Fee I've just not seen them on the website , must open eyes and concentrate ! Lol xx
  8. Claireybearyowen

    CND Brisa Vintage Lamp

    I too have this lamp does anybody know if you can still get bulbs?? I love it for at home , colour popping , playing and it's a great back up lamp ! Ta claire x
  9. Claireybearyowen

    New logo by Verve

    Ooooo I've been Tip Top Embriodered too !!! xx
  10. Claireybearyowen

    New logo by Verve

    I'm a verve logo too!! Totally love still after almost 3 years xx
  11. Claireybearyowen

    Doug Schoon speaks out

    I love Doug Schoon and regularly read and re-read his books , his FB posts and any posts on here that mention his name and just love the fact that you can subscribe to his email and get to enjoy the brain for FREE!!!!! C'mon now what's your excuse for not taking advantage?? Likewise so do I...
  12. Claireybearyowen

    Substitute for a pedicure chair?

    Wow what a great idea to raise the chair . I've got a dodgy disc in my bag and pedis do me in, this is great ! An idea to bookmark ready for when I have my own space . Thanks xx
  13. Claireybearyowen

    Which do you find gets asked for more - Shellac or Gelish?

    Good luck I'm sure you'll be fab! I started with Gelish then bought in Shellac due to requests but I actually get asked for Gelish more often. I carry a range of 'classic' Shellac colours for those die hard fans, gotta be able to meet any requests, but I would say Gelish is by far the most...
  14. Claireybearyowen

    Gelish nudes?

    Hellooooo Have a look at bashfull / tassels (nude transparent beige ) and and sweet dream (nude transparent with the slightest hint of pink) all great for a lovely natural French ! Hugs xx
  15. Claireybearyowen

    Honest opinion on business name

    What about White Rose Beautique! Xx
  16. Claireybearyowen

    How to succeed in nails

    Fabulous thread thank you got taking the time to create and post ! Will deffinitley be popping in I. This one and adopting my sponge head to take it all in! I've got so much updating of website and leaflets to do ! Thank you Claire.
  17. Claireybearyowen

    Gelish Thank You Party-2013?

    I'll be there too!! But planning a mammoth road trip in one day as can't get of work on the Monday :( Will fab to meet other Harmony Army Troopers! Xx
  18. Claireybearyowen

    If you could design something to make your job easier what would it be?

    Yep the perfect mobile trolly for me too!!! One that has a 'flip out' nail desk to save me corner to corner on dining tables!!! I suppose 'buff and go' kinda thing but its not available in the uk! 😪 X
  19. Claireybearyowen

    Mobile therapists, how much cash to carry about?

    I carry a float of £10 made up of a £5 and change. Most of my clients have the right money ready . Xx
  20. Claireybearyowen

    Nail bandages?

    Hallooooo not tried these but I always carry some silk / fibreglass and have nick named them my 'plasters' for fixing exactly this sort of catastrophic trauma! Xx