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  1. dizzypanda

    Storage containers?

    hi geeks just wondering how you store your new nail files? and the aluminum foil sheets for gel polish removal? i want a perfect container to put them in. also a contanier for the manicure files, which are smaller. thank you ~<3
  2. dizzypanda

    Stickers and gel polish

    I did my friend's nails the other day using nfuoh gel Polish and some hello kitty nail stickers I had and after the 2nd color coat, cure, cleanse, stuck on sticker, some corners popped up... So I put some gel over it, cure put on more gel to smooth it out, top coat cure. Any suggestions on...
  3. dizzypanda

    How is this done?

    I want to know so bad! Was it stamped on? If so what plate? Was it freehand? If so very impressive. Is it a sticker? Transfer? I'm at a loss. Please help me.
  4. dizzypanda

    How is this done?

    Hey geeks I've been wondering how this is done. I think that they did silver rockstar and then a jelly blue and then wiped spots out for the silver to poke through and hen drew the black leopard design .
  5. dizzypanda

    Soak off gel top coat?

    Hello fellow geeks! I was wondering if anyone knew of a soak off gel top coat that is tack free? I couldn't think of any..
  6. dizzypanda

    EzFlow glitter

    So I bought some color powder kits, boogie nights and rainbow candy I believe. And sadly the glitter wasn't enough for me.. so I tweaked some of the colors with glitter but I want to know where I can get the actual glitter they used .
  7. dizzypanda


    What are diamontes? Crystals I presume? Are they flat backed or pointy backed?
  8. dizzypanda

    3d nail art: ruffles/ lace

    hello fellow geeks! i just wondering how you would do ruffles or "lace" out of acrylic for 3d? for the life of me i cannot do ruffles! T__T so sad.. and does anyone know where i can buy maya gel? preferably in the states. nailderoyal.com had some but now it says product no longer available. and...
  9. dizzypanda

    Cap for CND brush

    Does anyone know where I can get a cap for the cnd brush?
  10. dizzypanda

    Gelish made my nails stronger yet weaker

    Hello fellow geeks! As u can read in the title this is what happened. I had gelish base, structure, sheek white, and top. On for 5 weeks yay! But when I soaked it off my nails curved more. As in c curve got.. more c like. But my nail is stronger So.. I don't know what to do now.
  11. dizzypanda

    Tiffany & Co gel polish color

    would any of you geeks know of a gel polish that is Tiffany & Co blue? gosh i love that color >_< i wanna do 3D white bows on it too!
  12. dizzypanda

    Thick Shellac?

    hello fellow geeks i was just wondering about the shellac since i use gellish but im still in training and my school uses the gelish line except for white french they use shellac. so i thought id try it out on a staff member and it was THICK. not watery like gelish or opi but SUPER thick. i...