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  1. ginalhaytonxx

    Anyone from Barnsley area?

    I'm in mapplewell :)
  2. ginalhaytonxx

    What nails are you sporting today?

    Gelish jetset & princess tiara
  3. ginalhaytonxx

    Show us your snow pics!

    my boyfriends dog Leo, he loves the snow :)
  4. ginalhaytonxx

    What Gelish colours?

    Has anyone tried toning down shake it til you samba to get a less bright pink? & which colour did you use with it?
  5. ginalhaytonxx

    What nails are you sporting today?

    Love these bows! Where are they from? & do they stay on well? X
  6. ginalhaytonxx

    Hairdressing geeks in Barnsley?

    I'm looking for a new hair salon in barnsley & wondered if anyone knows of a good salon or owns their own in barnsley, thanks :)
  7. ginalhaytonxx

    Hairdressing geeks in Barnsley?

  8. ginalhaytonxx

    Today cancer stole my mother

    Big hugs, i know how it feels to loose your mum xxxxx
  9. ginalhaytonxx

    Family members and box dyes!

    I don't do hair so I've not a clue but what's bad about home dyes? Not saying your wrong at all I'm just wondering as I've heard a lot if people say they're bad :) x
  10. ginalhaytonxx

    Gelish tested on animals?

    Thanks, on my phone so can't find it in search x
  11. ginalhaytonxx

    Gelish tested on animals?

    Is this true that some of the stuff in it is tested on animals? X
  12. ginalhaytonxx

    Gelish dark colours

    Mines grey but looks blue on some photos x
  13. ginalhaytonxx

    Bruised nail

    it's my boyfriends nail so can't really polish over it lol but I thought there might be a chance it'd fall off, It's not painful for him so we'll see what happens! Thanks everyone x
  14. ginalhaytonxx

    Bruised nail

    How would you get rid of this bruise? Or would you just have to grow it out? & is there a chance that the nail will fall off? X
  15. ginalhaytonxx

    Building an apex with Calgel!

    I don't use calgel anymore, gave up on it lol..
  16. ginalhaytonxx

    Choccy lift?

    Staff shop? So is that different to the shop at the end of the tour around cadbury world? & how do you get to it?! X
  17. ginalhaytonxx

    Nail polish bubbling

    If they have polish on already would you remove with polish remover then wipe the nail with scrub fresh then? Would this stop the bubbling from the polish remover?
  18. ginalhaytonxx

    Acrylic nails lifting? Any ideas/advice please?

    Do you use scrub fresh at all? X
  19. ginalhaytonxx

    One day threading course, yay or nay?

    Someone from salmas came to my college to teach a day course in threading, I thought it was really good & I felt confident enough to do it straight away x
  20. ginalhaytonxx

    Scared of lashes!

    If you were in barnsley I'd have been a model for you to practice on! X