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  1. cookbj

    Quick underarm laser question please

    Hi, Can anyone out there who does laser hair removal on underarms please tell me how realistically how many sessions i will need to get rid of the hair under my arms please? There is a local reputable salon doing an offer on 6 underarms (other areas too but i want arms) and i would like to...
  2. cookbj

    Allergic to my own eyelash glue - help:(

    Hi, After training do to EE, I decided to go for flirties glue - and its absolutely fab! So much s that clients are getting weeks and weeks from them.... However, after getting a college to apply some on me with my glue, it seems im allergic to the glue as my eyes itch like hell and they go...
  3. cookbj

    Flirties Glue - How not to waste so much?

    Hi, Im hoping someone can help me here: I use Flirties glue for EE's but just wondered how or what (if anything at all) you guys use to get the glue out of the bottle? Its not a cheap glue for about 10ml you get and the hole after unscrewing the cap is quite big so i find myself trying to...
  4. cookbj

    MYscara on MYself?

    Hi Guys, Im thinking of broadening my services to include semi permanent mascara and from the clients i have spoked to about it, i have a lot of interest! The course plus kit are not cheap and im doing all the research i can before i commit, but i really wanted to know whether any of you...
  5. cookbj

    Swarovski Pedicure

    This is more of a 'share it' picture really. I used genuine 2028 xillion cut ss05 Swarovski crystals in crystal and black diamond and just randomly mixed them up. It took me about 1 hour 30 mins and i did shellac base then shellac top and applied crystals then cured. I will let you know...
  6. cookbj

    Tropix Shellac = ??? CND Enamel

    Hi all, Just a quick one..... Can anyone recommend a CND nail polish that is the closest to Shellac Tropix as possible please? Many thanks
  7. cookbj

    Shellac lifting from tips - I think Im going to cry!!!

    Hi all, Firstly I love shellac and have shellac'ed all and sundry since last Wednesday, however i have a client i tried it with on wed eve and yesterday (sun) she said they are great, lovely gloss shine but a few are lifting from the tips?? I capped properly btw. Im sure i read somewhere...
  8. cookbj

    "Jazzed-up" names for treatments

    Hi all, Im just starting to rent a place in a salon and Im updating my pricelist etc. At the mo I have the usual; Full set Acrylic/Gel Extensions Overlay Acrylic/Gel Acrylic/Gel Toe-nails In-Fills & Back-Fills Soak Off & Mini Manicure Soak Off before New Set Single Nail Repair Nail...
  9. cookbj

    MMA problem - advice please

    Hi guys, Im currentlly setting myself up to work within a salon doing l&p and gels. There was another girl working in the salon also doing the same thing but she left just before xmas. Im now taking her place. Here is my question/problem... As the previous girl left before xmas (she is now...
  10. cookbj

    My Glittering Gala Ball Toes!!!

    Hi all, After being nspired by the nail legend that is Susan Loasby, I decided to do myself a set of glittering toes similar to her "ruby toes", but using Gala Ball by Lechat and hot pink glitter. Just wanted to share with you all the outcome and my newly, rather sparkly hot pink toes! Yay -...
  11. cookbj

    Clients scared of acrylic but not gel

    Hi guys, I was just wondering how many of you techs have heard the old addage "I dont want l&p on my nails as it will ruin them!" I gets lots of people saying that they want gel not l&p because they have heard from friends that it ruins your nails. We techs know that l&p doesnt ruin your...
  12. cookbj

    l&p back fill

    Hi all, I did this back-fill a few weeks ago and I'm looking for any comments of improvement you pro's have to offer. I use Lechat products and blended in a silver and purple glitter in zone 3. I know my smiles are rubbish and a little wonky etc etc in places (believe me I'm working very...
  13. cookbj

    Well tips & well-less tips, What's the difference?

    Hi, I'm new to acrylics (oct 08) and was trained using tips with wells which I then blend into the natural nail. I have no problem with this so far. I havnt tried using forms yet and to be honest am quite happy to continue using tips, but my question is: 1) What is the diffenence between...
  14. cookbj

    Free Edge Nail Designs

    Hi, Was searching the internet for nail supplies etc (I'm newly qualified in acrylics) and came across these: Instant "French Manicure" Free Edge Nail Designs Just wondered what people thought of them? Im having trouble with my white smile lines as I cant get that crisp curve you get from...
  15. cookbj

    Perfect French white smile lines on clients

    Hi, Im new to this site and acrylic nails too. I have just been practising on my own nails and put clear extensions on my left hand with no problem. I decided I wanted french so I tried putting white acrylic on the tips of my nails but cant seem to get the smile line perfectly curved. I put...