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    Rio nails on sky

    Anyone watching the nail tech on 644 ideal world channel on sky she is doing some nails says you can do your own nails in 25 mins she is coming out with a load of rubbish have a look
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    Ideas on gangster makeup

    The title says it all really got my neice coming at 6 she is going out like a gangster tonight and whats me to do her makeup any ideas please, Do they have smokey eyes? Thanks in advance x
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    Retail bags

    Hi just wondering where you get your retail bags from. Im not wanting creative ones or any other brands just wanting plain coloured bags. If you have a website for any i would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
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    To file or not to file

    This is for the gel geeks when you have applied your gel at the end do you file as you would with acrylic or do you just leave it and apply a uv top coat? Just curious as to what you all do.
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    Anyone used fabric more than white under gel / Acrylic?

    The title says it all really has anyone tried useing the fabric paint on white to do a french then put gel or acylic over the top. If so did it work or was there any problems . Thanks in advance.
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    My Aunty Has Just Had Her Cards Read.

    Havnt been on for a while been away on holiday and my grandad died my mum and dad had to get an early flight back but he waited for her and died the day after. My aunt has had her cards read and everything was about my grandad its only been 4 weeks since he has passed over we have all taken it...
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    gel smile lines running

    Hi all havnt been on for a while been on holiday then my grandad died, anyway. Any one have any problems when doing french overlays using gel. I use nsi balance i use the pow it looks lovely when i apply it after i have cured it some dont look like they are smiling at all its like they have run...
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    can i use builder gel over a french polish?

    Just wondering if i could use a builder clear gel over a french polish on natural nails to stop the chipping. Or would the finish clear be better thankyou all in advance x
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    Contact Number For Celebrity Secrets Tanning

    Wondered if any one can help i have a number for celebrity secrets tanning 08454564678 and cannot get through to them it just goes dead. Has anyone got another number at all i have emailed them but no response. My order should be here this morning hasnt turned up yet:rolleyes:. Thanks guys x
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    Happy Birthday Emma M

    Happy bithday to my mate emma m hope you have a lovely day and shaun spoils you rotton xx Also happy birthday to all the other geeks today have a lovely day :hug:
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    Weight Loss Guaranteed

    Just got back from the gym and while i was there i was speaking to one of the trainers who is very good. I asked him if he had any diet tips that can looses weight fast ie special occations etc and he has give me 2 print outs. He said they definetly work but you have to stick to it. Do you...
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    Prices For Colouring Hair.

    Hiya i was wondering what is the going rate for a full head colour in your salons? Also how much if you are wanting a slice of colour as well? There are so much competitions in my area and different prices i was just wondering what the outcome was, And also if im been ripped off lol. Thankyou...
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    Something To Stop Colours Fading

    Hiya I have my hair coloured dark brown with slashes of blonde at the sides it looks lovely when i have it done really shiney. I know browns fade quick but i would like to know what i could buy or you could recommend to try to make my colour last and keep it shiney. By the way i have to wash my...
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    What Tips Can You Share To Make A Great C Curve

    We all do nails differently everyone has their own tips and ideas. Just wondering what are your tips forn a great c curve in acrylic and gel. Come on comp geek share your secrets lol.
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    Edit At The End Of My Posts

    Might sound stupid but could you tell me when i reply to a thread at the bottom there are new icons but on mine it says edit. could you tell me why this is please as i havnt seen it on other geeks post. Thankyou in advance.
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    Joe From Bb On Gmtv

    Has anyone seen it this morning the interview with jo from s club omg. She said she hasnt been home as she is recieving death threats her house is going to be taken away. She said a lot of it has been edited to make her look bad but she shouldeve know what was going to happen.
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    Advise On 2 Hotels On The Costa Del Sol

    We are thinking of having a change this year and going to try out the costa del sol belamedena. There are 2 hotels that we like the sound of one is the bali hotel and the balamedena palace. If anyone has been to these hotels or been to the costa del sol i would appricate your comments. I have...
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    America Geeks Need Your Help Please.....

    Hi im wanting to buy a dooney and bourke bag its a black and grey annivarsary tote bag. I have looked on their site and with postage the bag come to $305.00 also they said i might need to pay a handling charge for this. Anyway i was just wondering if you knew of any other sites that do this bag...
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    The Cheek Of Some People

    I did a set of nails for a client in our local shop on wednesday she came to see me yesterday to tell me that a local women who used to do beauty and nails came into the shop and asked who had done her nails she said Andrea why, The women pulled a funny face and said oh i couldeve have done...
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    More Than White

    Could you tell me if you can use creative fabric more than white under nsi gel for the smile lines. thankyou in advance