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    When to pinch?

    Hi all, Just after a bit of clarification and advice please! I have recently purchased my first pinching tool but I tend to only use hard gel for extensions now as opposed to acrylic. I use CND Brisa, Ink London IJel and Crystal nails fusion gel. I also tend to sculpt using forms rather than...
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    Saeyang K38 E File

    Hi all, Ive recently purchased my first ever E file and will be completing my E file course in a few weeks with Young Nails. She advised me to buy an E file before the course so that I can start using it straight away so that I dont forget what the techniques are! The problem is it didnt come...
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    Diamante adhesion to natural nails and extensions?

    Hey everyone! So I am on a mission to find the solution to getting diamantes and gems to stay on the nails that I do without the frustration of them coming off! They seem to last up to 5 days. Can you lovely nail techs tell me which amazing products you use and would recommend to solve this...
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    The Gel Bottle gel polish or Ink London ilac gel polish?

    Hi! I currently use CND Shellac on my clients and I'm looking to purchase a new stock of gel polishes to start using for extensions and I will use the shellac for natural nails manicures etc. Which gel polishes do you prefer if you have used both? The Gel Bottle Or Ink London ilac? Big...
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    Gel extension feedback needed please

    Looking for feedback good or bad on these sets that I have done recently! I have another full time job so only do nails every now and then when I have the time but looking to start doing them more regularly and start advertising soon but I want to perfect my sets first before taking on new...
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    Recommendations for UV gel nail brushes?

    Hi! I am on the look out for a new UV Gel nail brush preferably with a lid if anyone could recommend one? I had 2 of the CND UV Gel brushes and I've had to throw them away as the bristles on both cured. I must have left them by the window and the sunlight must have cured them. Expensive mistake...
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    I hate spots with a passion!

    I know this isnt a big deal byt just after some advice on my skin. I am 28 and get big cyst type spots under the skin on my chin and it is getting me down because I cant really cover them and have tried everything i can to get rid. I use a clarasonic which keeps my face ultra clean and no before...
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    How do you clean your make up brushes?

    Hi everyone! I was just wondering how you all clean your make up brushes after use? I have recently bought the ELF antibacterial make up brush cleaner but at £8 a pop I think its quite expensive. Do you have any other ideas on anti bac soaps i can use to clean them? I get spots on my chin...
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    Best make up bronzers and pretty fresh lipsticks?

    Im looking at getting some new make up to add to my ever growing make up collection! I need a new bronzer and some new lipsticks. At the moment I just use a rimmel bronzer but it really isnt that great as it does not come out in photos. Which bronzer do you personally recommend? I am also...
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    California road trip holiday!

    Yayy! My boyfriend and I have finallly booked our dream adventure to California! We leave in 35 days for 12 nights! We are flying from Heathrow to San Francisco then hiring a convertible mustang and driving along the coast stopping at Santa Monica, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz, LA, Hollywood...
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    Allergic reaction to Shellac?

    Hi all!! Im just after some of your professional opinions and thoughts please regarding a reaction my friend has started getting. Firstly just to let you know, I am a pro nail tech and trained in Shellac! My friend Amy has messaged me tonight asking for advice as she keeps getting itchy...
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    Ben Nye Banana Powder

    Has anybody tried Ben Nye Banana Powder? I keep hearing about it and Im trying to decide whether or not to get it! It works out approx £20 for a small tub so quite a lot if its no good! Anyone tried it? xx
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    Has anybody done the VTCT L3 NVQ Diploma in Nail Sevices?

    Loosing my motivation!!!! Can anyone help? I did this course a few years back at the Carlton Institute in Brentwood. It was a week long course then they sent us home with a portfolio pack and left us to get on with it. Basically they wanted us to do 12 case studies for each service ie: manicure...
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    Which glitters do you all prefer? Holographic, Irridescent, Chunky ? xx
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    Would you move abroad if you had the chance?!

    My partner and I were having a conversation the other day about living abroad ... just for a year for a new experience and to change things up a bit! We were thinking California! If you had the chance, would you move abroad? If you would where would you go?!
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    If you won £100,000!

    If you were lucky enough to win £100,000, what would be the first three things you would splash out on?! I would put £30,000 down on a house as a deposit. Take a 6 month sabbatical from my main job and travel the world. Retrain with CND. :smack:
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    What are your top three ambitions in your life?! Mine are: To own a "Dolls style" house with windows either side of the front door! To be able to play the saxophone! To sculpt a beautiful set of Acrylics and be 100% happy with them!
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    What's in your acrylic nail kit?!

    Im currently building up my Acrylic kit and will be purchasing more products within the next few days. The majority of my products are CND but I do have a few items of which are different brands. I am interested to hear what you have in your acrylic OR gel kit! Products and tools please and of...
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    First time facial

    Hi girls, I will be experiencing a luxury facial for the first time next week as my sister in law and I are going on a much needed spa day! Cannot wait! I am however concerned that it will bring me out in spots?I have combination skin and get the odd spot here and there mainly on my chin and...