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  1. maria97

    How to charge a client as a student?

    Ok so i know this is probably not the best idea to think about but I spent almost $250 worth of salon products because i want to be able to do hair and also make some profit since I am unemployed and this is the only thing i do at the moment This is completely against school rules however i...
  2. maria97

    When to re-book your client for next lightening visit?

    how often should you re-book a client for the next lightening visit? Let's say theres a client who came in with a level 8 virgin hair and wants to go golden yellow britney spears blonde but not platinum and you were successfully able to lift the hair 2 levels.. when would there next visit be...
  3. maria97

    Best root shadow toner combinations

    What are some of your best brands to use when at the shampoo bowl and toning someones roots on highlights or hair color? Besides Redken Shades EQ
  4. maria97

    Malibu DDL for boxed dye? (oxidatives)

    I went into a cosmoprof to pick up some direct dye lifter by malibu the sales clerk told me it's also meant for box dye? i am now seeing reviews on youtube with some negative/positive reviews about it.. has anyone ever used it?
  5. maria97

    Olaplex vs Matrix, which is better?

    I am currently in beauty school and I wanted to know if any stylists out there have tried Matrix Bond Ultim8? I've heard and seen so many good reviews about Olaplex that it's got me wondering if Matrix is that any good? Has anyone ever tried the two? I'd like to know your opinions. And if you...