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  1. Blue Rose

    My fluffball Rosie, the cockapoo

    Rosie with a Lemon - YouTube
  2. Blue Rose

    Happy Birthday mizzy_dizzy

    Happy Birthday Ceri, Have a fab day :) xx
  3. Blue Rose

    So funny, you must listen to this

    Morning all, had this show up on my fb wall. You really have to listen to it - it will really cheer you up on this deary Monday morning :) Edit: the presenter/DJ is actually called Nick
  4. Blue Rose

    Collapsing pooch

    Don't know what to do for the best atm, Lucy pooch (12 1/2 year old Boxer) has done some more collapsing on us the last hour or so. She collapsed in the lounge & was all shaky. As her shaking subsided we tried to see if she could get up again & bribed her with some food. She managed to get up...
  5. Blue Rose

    Skill swap groups

    Have any of you got any 'Skill Swap' groups nearish to you? There's one in my region & while I've been a member for ages, I've never really bothered that much with it. However, I'm wanting to change a few things with my products/skincare business & have managed to swap some photography &...
  6. Blue Rose

    Facebook & interaction

    I've got 4 pages on facebook & I try & post different stuff on them although there is an element of overlap on them. Some posts get a reasonable amount of comments & likes, most get nothing so I often feel like I'm talking to myself lol. However, although it's totally off topic of my...
  7. Blue Rose

    Is The Weather Affecting Your Business?

    For those of you that do beauty, what are your most popular treatments at the moment? Are you finding the weather is having an impact on business?
  8. Blue Rose

    Sporting widows

    Have any of you thought yet how you can capitalise on all the sporting events coming up? We've got the footy on now, Wimbledon from 25th June then of course there's the Olympics?
  9. Blue Rose

    How do you all prefer to pay for things?

    As the title says, how do you all prefer to pay for things online? Over the phone with card; bank transfer or paypal?
  10. Blue Rose

    Do you believe the hype?

    We seem to be in an ever changing industry with new treatments & companies coming & going all the time. Do you tend to believe the hype when some thing new comes out or are you more cautious & would rather wait to see how it all pans out? A couple of things spring to mind: Semi permanent...
  11. Blue Rose

    Great Employee or Not So Great?

    Hey everybody, Thought this link may be of interest to some of you! Great Employee Gone Bad | Salon Business Expert Are you the boss with an employee like this? If employed, could YOU be this employee?
  12. Blue Rose

    Speed Dating

    Have any of you ever been speed dating? Any funny stories or disasters?
  13. Blue Rose

    Bizarre Laptop Problem...Please Help....

    How's this for bizarre? Saturday morning I switch my lappy on, it starts up fine, get to the windows page with all the icons etc on. Click on some of them but nothing :-/ So, take it to a computer shop in town. Bloke gets it up & running again. Bring it home, has the same problem in that it...
  14. Blue Rose

    Home made Christmas Gifts

    Has anybody been creative & made any of their own gifts this year? I've been busy making some of my bath & body products and candles plus have had a go at making some Truffles. So far I have made Dark Chocolate with Orange & Cardamon; White Chocolate & Malibu and Milk Chocolate with...
  15. Blue Rose

    What do you look for in a skincare range?

    Title says it all really... What are you swayed towards in a skincare range? What swayed you towards choosing the range you did? Do you prefer aromatherapy or marine based products or something else entirely? What products do you actually use on yourself? (cleanser, toner etc) Feel free...
  16. Blue Rose

    Facebook Insights

    Just been looking at the insights on my facebook page. Made for some depressing reading, lol. Despite having over 1800 likers on my page, it seems my updates are only reaching 300-400 people. Have you looked at your insights recently?
  17. Blue Rose

    Time to change my car?

    I got my car last April. At the time it was 2 years old. I'd only had the car 3 months when I get rear ended! Car duly went off to get fixed. Almost a year later, it got hit while I was minding my own business doing my food shop in Sainsbury's. Car bumper gets fixed AGAIN. 2 months...
  18. Blue Rose

    Happy Birthday mizzy_dizzy

    Haven't been on here much today & just realised there's not a birthday announcement for the lovely Ceri. Happy Birthday Ceri :)
  19. Blue Rose

    Someone calling about editing Facebook page details...

    Bit of a strange one here... Myself & a few others have had phone calls today by someone saying they can edit the info page on our facebook pages. The links have been found via the facebook thread. My facebook friends & I have had a play about at editing details but it doesn't look like...
  20. Blue Rose

    Shower or Bath?

    Are you a shower or bath person? I'm very much a shower person. Nothing like it to wake you up in the morning :) Can't remember the last time I had a bath & over the years have had to 're-gift' smellies I've been given by well meaning clients & friends. Do you enjoy receiving BATH...