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  1. Belle De Jour

    Your hourly rate?

    Go self employed best thing ever you only need to excel in your most favourite treatments to make a really good living of part time hours but with a full time wage.
  2. Belle De Jour

    Microblading 3D brows-help please

    Do you use face book? There's lots of microblading communities on there :) Check your stretch, depth, quality of pigment and aftercare all of these factors will effect the outcome :)
  3. Belle De Jour

    Semi permanent makeup machines question

    Thats not a Nouveau Machine hun :( Are you getting your needles confused? A 3 outline makes a thinner line than a 3rl or even thinner still as Nettic says micro or nano but these needles are not for beginners only advanced techs, stick with the needles you have been trained with :)
  4. Belle De Jour

    Client problem

    Why is she colouring them that will damage the bonds so not ur fault?
  5. Belle De Jour

    Show us your microblading

    Recent Phi Brow Micro-blade, work lady had very little brow hair of her own so was really happy. Photo straight after treatment
  6. Belle De Jour

    Intimate waxing training

    Kim all the way! [emoji109][emoji7]
  7. Belle De Jour

    Semi-permanent lash brands

    If ur great at what you do people will pay :)
  8. Belle De Jour

    Pre-mixed massage oils

    Love Eve Taylor
  9. Belle De Jour

    Newly qualified SPMU artists in Norfolk / Suffolk?

    Recently trained not near Norfolk but happy to share experiences via pm :)
  10. Belle De Jour

    Finally taken the plunge and doing HD brows!

    Oh good for you :) ive always been torn about training in HD i trained with Nouveau in Lashes, LvL & Nouveau Contour but feel i still need it in my life lol let me know how u get on and how you feel about it after training :)
  11. Belle De Jour

    LVL lashes training

    Great job Tiffany they look fab! :) it will prob take you about 8-10 sets before u feel super confident :) keep referring to ur training manual and notes i found that helped a lot :) if you do struggle you can give them a ring they are really supportive :) or feel free to pm me i trained with...
  12. Belle De Jour

    Microdermabrasion machine

    I have the Carlton Diamond MDA machine its fab but more expensive than ur budget :(
  13. Belle De Jour

    Volume lashes?

    Nouveau Lashes are starting to offer Volume training :) i trained in lashes with them as well as other courses fantastic aftercare support :)
  14. Belle De Jour

    Can't decide who to train with!

    Katerina always has great feedback that I've seen :)
  15. Belle De Jour

    Cosmetic makeup training, Dermace vs Nouveau!

    I start in Croydon on Tues & Wed then All round training to silver week after next, very excited is an understatement! :) i saved for a whole year cant believe its finally nearly here! :)
  16. Belle De Jour

    CND LED lamp?

    Whats the CND rainbow collection? I cant wait for this lamp & top coat! :)
  17. Belle De Jour

    Short treatments while gel polish soaks off?

    I Always do brows whilst soak off if the client is booked in for both :) they seem to appreciate the efficiency of it :) lots of them are busy ladies like us! :)
  18. Belle De Jour

    Recommended semi permanent lash training?

    I loved Nouveau's training very through :)