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  1. J

    Need a supplier for hair extensions

    hi does anyone know a good supplier here or abroad i can get nail tip human remi hair extensions on a regular basis at a good price many thanks joanne:)
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    how do you become premier geek

  3. J

    how do you become premier geek

    cant figure it out please help and pm me xx
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    Competiton spying through my window!

    iv just opened my beauty salon yesterday and just has a phone call to say one ov the competition has just been spying through my window then went straight onto her phone (god knows wot about tho) have any ov you geeks had this i said to my partner im glad she been down having a look i think i...
  5. J

    calling tantricks!!!!!

    can anyone get me some information on the tanning products, I think Collin now with them if you are reading this Collin can you get in touch? I originally went with Celebrity Secrets but I've found their customer service to be really poor, still waiting on products and certificates from training...
  6. J

    guys ive done it yipeeeee!

    just an update on how tday turned out opening my new salon cdnt have asked for anything better apart from the sun coming out and for it t stop raining,that didnt stop me gting 50 booked appointments guys really pleased the clients loved the goodie bags and free raffle and free taster treatment...
  7. J

    Dilemma! Please help quickly

    Hi I'm due to go for hair extension training tomorrow but I've got this gut feeling not to go with her, don't know what to do but I need your help, she did my hair less than a week ago, I was pleased at first but not sure now, it doesn't look the same as when it was done. She used 100% human...
  8. J

    suppliers in china!

    does any geek know any reputable and reliable hair extension supplier in china, i havnt gt thousands ov pounds to do a trial and error in finding the right one so anyone who knows someone out there ill very much appreciate it thanx:) joanne
  9. J

    Hair extensions in a beauty salon!

    hi guys again need more advice im doing a hair extensions crs on tues so i can offer this service to clients aswell in the beautysalon that im opening up on the 9th aug do any u geeks offer hair extensions in yr beauty salon aswell im thinking this is a gd idea! because there very fashionable...
  10. J

    eek opening 9th aug!

    hi guys im opening my new beauty salon 1 wk tday:eek: im really nervous and xcited at the same time.just looking for any advice on a holding a great open day,ive gt plans for wine for every customer that comes thru the door handing out goodie bags with samples of the brands that ill be using...
  11. J

    salon uniforms

    can anyone let me know where to gt salon uniforms at reasonable prices thanx joanne
  12. J

    sunbed hire!

    can anyone tell me wheres the best place and prices to hire a sunbed on a lease to purchase option, iv had cpl quotes already bt i just thought id ask on here aswell b4 i go ahead wif anything thanx joanne :confused: x
  13. J

    advice on opening day

    hiya can anyone give me any advice on my opening day shall i offer eg: 20% off treatments on the day to gt the clients in i did read someone elses question similar to the one im asking bt wasnt sure if they had salon already established im looking for some ideas to build a client base from day 1...
  14. J


    hi can anybody advise me if matis is a gd brand to use for my skincare range when i open my new salon in 3 wks im looking into which brand to use and would like any advice from yous thanx joanne
  15. J

    calling skin geeks!

    hi can any skin geek get bk to about the matis range for skincare im opening salon and thinking about stocking this range in the salon any advice wd be appreciated thanx jaonne xx:lol:
  16. J

    Help Help Help!- furniture etc.

    Can Anybody Advise Me Where To Go To Furnish My New Salon Im Looking For Quality Furniture I.e Nail Station Reception Desk Display Cabinets ,at Realistic Prices . Im Also Seeking Geeks Opinions On Which Facial Skincare Products To Purchase For The Salon. Much Appreciated Joanne Xx :confused: