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  1. Blinkingorgeous

    Directing my domain names to my website

    Okey doke, can anyone, please try to tell me, in VERY simple terms how I can re-direct 4 domain names to my website? I have just purchased 4 domain names for getting my eyelash extension training out there one of which is Eyelashextensiontrainingessex which I think is pretty cool. Problem, I...
  2. Blinkingorgeous

    how do I change the main title of a thread

    How do I change the main title of a thread???? Please Its my post and I need to change the title, thank you
  3. Blinkingorgeous

    Happy birthday Brittone05

    Happy Birthday Emma, hope you have a very special day with lots of cards and lots of pressies, enjoy and be happy, Lots of love "big sis" Claudia xxx:hug:
  4. Blinkingorgeous

    Replacement parts for beauty couch

    Although Im not mobile I use a portable beauty couch and unfortunately on Friday a client sat on it and one of the steel ropes under the couch snapped :sad: Needless to say, Friday morning was a nightmare until I could borrow a friends spare couch. I have rung the company who sell them, who...
  5. Blinkingorgeous

    CND Shellac Lamp needed tomrrow afternoon?

    My Shellac Lamp went faulty :cry: no problem these things happen, however, Iv ordered a new one as I cant be without it whilst the faulty one goes off to be checked and or replaced. HELP, my new lamp wont be with me in time for my client tomorrow afternoon, I called S2 but because it was...
  6. Blinkingorgeous

    CND Shellac Lamp smells like its shorted eeep

    Oh No, of course it had to be a Friday!!!!! Have already emailed sweet squared but Im assuming I wont get an answer until Monday, which means that I will need to purchase another CND Shellac lamp to tide me over:eek: Doing a clients Shellac pedicure this evening and she says she can smell...
  7. Blinkingorgeous

    Your dream/celebrity client

    Just been over trawling the Eyelash Extension chat on the American site and they had a fab thread (months back) about who would be your dream/fantasy client. Mine would be Audrey Hepburn, I would have love love loved to have done her lashes so my question is..... who would be your...
  8. Blinkingorgeous

    Messy gelbond with DD

    Last night I did a set of dashing divas under shellac. After doing previous sets of DD with their glue and finding 2 clients had probs with them coming off (I haven't done too many I'm new to nails). So I bought some gelbond and used that last night on a client. Oh my goodness I nearly stuck...
  9. Blinkingorgeous

    Robard Paint Shaker :0)

    I have just seen the new video/thread whatever its called, by fingernailfixer, where she uses a Robard paint shaker - now my inner gadget geek went off on all cylinder alert telling me I HAD TO HAVE ONE. Has anyone got one of these, are they good, are they a one min wonder and did you buy it...
  10. Blinkingorgeous

    New Shellac'er disasterous application today

    Urgh, Im new to Shallac, love it but Iv had a disaster:eek: second time with same client. Client has flaky nail tips which I was aware of and wasnt too much of a problem. the problem was I spent about 30 mins on prep, removing old shellac, file, cuticle away, scrubfresh. Really worked hard...
  11. Blinkingorgeous

    I want to eat marmite on my toast

    Ok so random chit chat while Im waiting for my 10am appoint :lol: I want to be able to eat Marmite for breakfast, a really garlicky meal in the evening, coleslaw and cheese and onion crisps for lunch but I cant Because I work so closely to my clients faces I am hyper aware of my breath...
  12. Blinkingorgeous

    email query

    ooo Im confused, I have a Blinkingorgeous email account which bounces straight back to our home email address. I have had about 5 emails since the beginning of the year (before that people have just called, website only just got going really) I have replied to those emails just by using the...
  13. Blinkingorgeous

    EE infilling someone elses work?

    Iv just had a phone call from someone who found me via my website (yay) saying she wanted Semi Perm Eyelash Extensions, after a bit of confusion it turns out she had her lashes done last week and alot of them have fallen out. I told her that yes I could infill them but depending on how many...
  14. Blinkingorgeous

    Top of glue broke clean off AGAIN

    Ok, so this is the second time the top of my Flirties extra strength glue has broken clean off :cry: Im about half way through it and since the last time I have made sure that I have kept it clean and even cleaned the inside of the lid with a cotton bud - I dont pay this much attention to the...
  15. Blinkingorgeous

    Woo hoo, I love Threading

    chit chat chit chat lol Am sooooo excited, just had my threading course today and I LOVE it :) Its the best think since sliced bread, got alot of practise to do but I am as pleased as punch. Im shattered but happy hello all you threaders out there, Iv joined the club :green:
  16. Blinkingorgeous

    Displaying retail items

    I am a homebased salon and have little experience of visiting high street salons so dont know how they display their products. What do people use to display their retail item? I specialise in Semi Perm EE and want to display mascaras, sealers etc, Help....... :green:
  17. Blinkingorgeous

    Semi Perm Eyelash Tweezers

    Was doing a set of Semi Perm Eyelash Extensions this morning and realised that my tweezers are alot more blunter (bad grammar sorry) than they were when I bought them, they are a good quality pair from a reputable supplier but it got me to wondering what is the life of a pair of tweezers and...
  18. Blinkingorgeous

    How do you relax after a hard week

    Im sitting here, watching James Bond, kids and hubby in the playroom and Im supping a very nice very potent cosmopolitan, mmmmmmm slight fuzzy head and its only 4.45 ooops After a not so successful week (and I know we NEVER admit to these things!!! but Im an honest kinda gal), Im relaxing with...
  19. Blinkingorgeous

    Unusually unwell alot

    Iv been lashing for a while now but recently Iv "stepped up" and become alot busier. My question is, like receptionists in Doctors Surgeries becoming unwell, do any other therapists find they are catching all kinds of illnesses because they are working so close to so many different people...
  20. Blinkingorgeous

    Unusual Eyelash Extensions

    Morning all, I have searched the threads and scoured the net :green: But apart from swarovski crystals and coloured lashes, of which I have both, I cant seem to find anything in the Individual range that is unusual, by that I mean feathers etc, now this may be because they will be too heavy...