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  1. Penny Vintage

    Ipod SG app reply problems

    Hi, i dont know if this is just my ipod or me as ive not found anyone having this problem when doing a search. Basically when i reply to a post and my text goes past the bar which says "open advanced options" the screen stays at the top and my cursor and text cant be seen unless i scroll the...
  2. Penny Vintage

    Ive Given Up

    I know this is abit random but Im wondering if anyone else has gone through this and actually ended up getting a nail tech job afterwards? I qualified to be a nail technician in manicure, fibreglass and silk, gel and acrylics nearly a year ago. And I have had a constant struggles getting...
  3. Penny Vintage

    Registering and advertising as mobile

    Hello all, this is my 1st thread! :D I am abit stuck with advertising and registering. Basically, I qualified in december as a nail tech and had a fulltime job so was practising on friends and family then work fell off and was taken away from my admin role, instead of sacking me they found a...