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    Pink/purple shampoo for natural grey hair?

    Thank you, that’s kind of what I was thinking. I use fanola myself, I will let her know. X
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    Pink/purple shampoo for natural grey hair?

    Completely natural x
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    Pink/purple shampoo for natural grey hair?

    Hi, thank you. She’s just sent me these they aren’t very focused though. I wouldn’t say it’s the dirty wiry grey it’s nice, I’m not sure what can be done.
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    Pink/purple shampoo for natural grey hair?

    Hi all , I’m over from beauty. I’ve been googling but can’t find the answer really, my mum is brunette and desperately wants to go grey. She’s got quite a bit through her hair and her hairdresser said to use pink shampoo to enhance it although that seems to be for green tones? Can anyone...
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    Mannequin head best colour for pics?

    Thanks very much for your help, i'll see what darker ones there are x
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    Mannequin head best colour for pics?

    Hi all, I'm buying a training head for practising hair ups and curls blows etc most likely a pivot point. What colour am I best getting for photos blonde, brunette? I was looking at the Ingrid as she has shoulders. Does anyone have a pivot point that they recommend the name of please? I did look...
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    Makeup/mani/hair chair recommendations

    Anyone help on the barstool?
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    Eyelash extensions

    Yep separate
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    Opinions on my first set of lash extensions?

    My trainer suggested £25 and a free infill.
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    Makeup/mani/hair chair recommendations

    Hi all. I'm needing decent chairs! I have my gorge REM electric beast but I also need a: -Manicure chair -Makeup chair (I was looking at a padded seat/back/curved arms bar stool type round the corner from me only £20- would that do for now or are there issues?) -Blow dry/hair ups chair...
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    Premier Gel doubts

    There’s loads of threads on here
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    Best practice hand

    I picked on up on fb market place for about £30 shipped (nailtrainer)
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    Relocating worries

    Just want to wish you good luck, I’m sure you will be fine. You have been invaluable on here for the info you provide to me and my newbie worries with your knowledge you will kick ass x
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    New nail tech, advice wanted

    Read the threads it’s all here. Good luck.
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    Brow waxing graze

    I have also never been taught oil at college. We had pre wax (cleanser) and talc was only used if sweaty.
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    You want to go with a well known reputable brand, beware of China as they require animal testing. You will need to read up to see how this affects brands imported etc. Also just because the finished product isn’t tested doesn’t mean the individual ingredients aren’t it’s a bit of a minefield...
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    Practice hands

    Thank you
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    Practice hands

    Hi, can I ask did you end up getting and customs fees assuming you are in the UK? did you get the painted/ full hand/ colour etc and are you happy? I know a few of the ladies have them I was considering upgrading. Thanks x
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    Practice hands

    I have a nail trainer, keep an eye out you can pick them up for about £30 on ebay or on marketplace
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    Age requirement for gel?

    My insurer said follow the manufactuer (age 16+), they said its down to my insurer. Either way over 16's only for me I have a conscience. Child health comes first.