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  1. robynbird

    How to remove khaki colour from highlighted blonde?

    I recently coloured a clients hair using bleach 6%, wella 12/1 + 12%, and 8/0 + 3%. She has messaged me to ask if she can get in sooner as the colour has gone greeny I'm assuming it will be the 8/0 going over the blonde and not having enough warmth to cover it (it wasn't green when I finished...
  2. robynbird

    Grey/purple toner

    Hi guys I have a client that would like her hair the colour in this pic attacthed. Anyone got any ideas on what to use? I usually use wella I was thinking an instamatic colour? Or maybe some sort of toner but unsure what to use. Has anyone achieved this colour and could offer advice? Thanks
  3. robynbird

    Colourstart patch tests

    Can you still buy colour start patch tests to post out to clients? I have some clients that need patch tests but live away so I can't skin test them before they come back for their appointment. I want to buy this patch for people who I can't get out to skin test but can't find them!! Do they...
  4. robynbird

    App for keeping client records?

    I have an app for booking appointments but I now need one to keep client records (colours used and dates etc) on and attach pictures to. Any recommendations?
  5. robynbird

    App for keeping client records?

    I have an app for booking appointments but I now need one to keep client records (colours used and dates etc) on and attach pictures to. Any recommendations?
  6. robynbird

    Electronic appointment booking on your phone?

    I am wanting to download some form of app for my phone (android) to book all my appointments on that sends a text reminder of their appointment and also keep clients colour records. Can anyone recommend one that they use? Thanks
  7. robynbird

    Getting pinky tone out of bleached red hair

    Hi geeks :) I have a client who was red and I have gone for a dip dye effect with. I have bleached twice now and the back is fine, come up to a lovely soft warm blonde, the sides however have not. It still has a pinky tone and not sure the best course of action. I'm not sure whether to bleach...
  8. robynbird

    Red foils on blonde - best to prevent fade

    I have a lady who has blonde highlights and last time I put some red through too but she has messaged me to say it has faded and can't tell it's been done. It's been 5 days. I used wella KP 6/41. Now in hindsight that probably wasn't the best colour to use! What would you guys recommend to use...
  9. robynbird

    Wella red fading to blonde quickly - what now?

    I have a client who I have been colouring red (55/65+66/56 with 6% and natural base 5/6) but the last few times when she comes in for her appointment her hair is quite blonde looking. Its just fading so quickly! Her hair wasnt coloured beforehand so its literally just the red that's doing this...
  10. robynbird

    Best crazy colour blue?

    I have used the crazy colours from sally's before (the ones in the pink bottle) but I found when it was put on hair that was even a bit yellow it came out green. Am I doing something wrong or can anyone recommend another good crazy colour blue? I am bleaching up my clients hair from 6/75 to put...
  11. robynbird

    Mobile hairdressers - lease or buy a car?

    Hi I am a mobile hairdresser and have quite an old car and am worried about the mileage I'm clocking up on it. I'm thinking about leasing a car but its a mine field! I was wondering what others do and how it affects tax? Do you pay extra tax if you lease a car against the business but also use...
  12. robynbird

    Pre pig with CT from 10 to 6 help!

    Hi! I have a lady who is going from base 10 (little bit of regrowth natural base 8/9) to 6/75. I am using Colour Touch to give a richer colour with better results and pre pig-ing with 0/34 and water. I've been reading a few threads on here and am very confused as to how to do the pre pig! Do I...
  13. robynbird

    My work on old salon's Facebook page - can I ask them to be taken off?

    Hi I recently left a salon that I was self employed in (rent a chair) for near 5years to go mobile. The salon has a facebook page which has some of my work on which I did while I was renting a chair and I gave permission for them to be on the page. However since I left they have re-shared one of...
  14. robynbird

    Insurance for mobile hairdressing - what do I need?

    Hi I have very recently gone mobile with my hairdressing and need to know what insurance I need. I already have public liability insurance through Salon Gold and have done for years as a self employed stylist in a salon but do I need any other insurance for mobile or is this enough? Thanks in...
  15. robynbird

    Colour Touch Plus to cover blonde

    Just wondering how people have found colour touch plus for blonde coverage as a full head? I was told by my wella rep its good for blonde coverage without need to pre pig and wondered if anyones tried it? Is it true to colour on the shade chart? Thanks Sent from my SM-G900F using SalonGeek...
  16. robynbird

    Perm/colour help!

    Hi I dont perm but one of my ladies has had a perm on sunday and i am due to colour her hair on tuesday evening. Will it be ok to colour as normal? She'll have washed it twice since the perm and i colour with 12/0 9/0 7/3 and 8/3 (i dont put the blonde to the ends) Thanks :) Sent from my...
  17. robynbird

    Pre pig for 6/73?

    Hi :) I have a client who is a bleach and toner at the moment and i'm looking at taking her down to a 6/73. What would people suggest to pre pig with? I thought 0/43 in kolesten with water? Or 0/34 in colour touch? I'm also putting a few foils through of 8/3 and 9/3 Thanks :) Sent from my...
  18. robynbird

    I'd be interested in opinions

    I would appreciated peoples opinions on this....I'm self employed and renting a chair in a salon and have been poached to join a friends new hair and beauty salon doing hair with one other girl. The salon I'm in now has 7 other stylists and well established. Its a big risk going to this new...
  19. robynbird

    Colour Touch colour chart

    Does anyone else find the swatches on the colour touch shade chart a bit of a funny colour? They're not very rich looking and the 5/3 and 5/37 look a bit green 😕 Sent from my SM-G900F using SalonGeek mobile app
  20. robynbird

    Leopard print hair

    I am wanting to re create this but dont want to dye the hair permanently. Any idea what i could use? I was thinking poster paint but not sure whether that would stain blonde? Any ideas? Sent from my SM-G900F using SalonGeek mobile app