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  1. Lpolky

    Holiday contract

    Hi Would someone advise me? I’m a new employer. In my staffs contract I have this stated. Does this mean they have 20 days normal holiday and then the 8 days are the bank holidays so total 28? Think I’ve made a mistake giving staff 28 days plus bank holidays
  2. Lpolky

    Slick salon software?

    Hi all, Anyone using slick salon software?
  3. Lpolky

    Apple iMac salon computer, pros & cons?

    Hi all, does anyone have an apple iMac computer in their salon, is it good? Any problems with bookings, screen? Speed? Layout? Emails?
  4. Lpolky


    Hi, was wondering if anyone had any good ideas for staff incentives. Looking at ether a daily commissions structure or more monthly incentive. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated Thanks
  5. Lpolky

    Anxious panicking shaking Flu like symptoms after massage?

    Hi all, So a friend of mine has had a massage and facial with us this week and has said it was lovely and relaxing but then later that evening had flu like symptoms, aching, felt panicky and anxious and his wife has also had this before where she was also shaky and had a panic attack. His wife...
  6. Lpolky

    Anyone use The Gel Bottle Builder Gel?

    Anyone use this, with or without extensions and with or without shellac colour etc over the top? What’s your thoughts on this? Many thanks
  7. Lpolky

    CND L&P or Brisa?

    Hi, Looking at wanting to offer extensions and strength with the overlays. Which is better with CND Liquid and powder or brisa gel? Which is stronger? Which is easier to apply? Can you apply shellac colours over the top of these? Thankyou
  8. Lpolky

    What’s the best Polygel training?

    Hi, What’s the best brand to train with to use the polygel? I am based in the south east. Thanks x
  9. Lpolky

    How much to charge Polygel, extensions?

    Hi all, Does anyone do polygel? I’m looking at control gel equivalent from IBD but how much would you charge for this? With extensions or with shellac over? Thanks all
  10. Lpolky

    Acrylic nail extension training

    Hi all, What and who is best to train with to extend our qualifications as want to offer acrylic extensions Thanks
  11. Lpolky

    Advanced lash extension course

    Hi all, Would anyone have any recommendations for training for advanced classic lash extension training? One of my therapists is already trained in classic but I would like to get her speed improved and more confidence. Thinking maybe an advance application training day if anyone knows...
  12. Lpolky

    Myscara - semi perm myscara discontinued!

    Anyone use this? Ellison’s have discontinued it. Where do you buy yours?
  13. Lpolky

    Chair rental contract/agreement

    Hi guys, Does anyone use a good template I can pinch for self employed hairdressers chair rental agreement? The one I have is very detailed and maybe a little too much. Would be great if anyone would mind me using theirs? Many thanks
  14. Lpolky

    Sending out emails

    Hi everyone, Does anyone have any recommendations on how to send out mass emails? I have been currently using my outlook for my business and have to send them in groups as it’s not a business account and I have a large database now. However there are other issues now with outlook which I don’t...
  15. Lpolky

    Where can I buy reclining massage backwash units

    Hi all Anyone know where I can buy the massaging backwash units where the leg part reclines? Thanks x
  16. Lpolky

    What’s the going hourly rate for employed experienced therapists?

    Hi Wondered What’s the going hourly rate for employed experienced therapists? It’s Berkshire so south east. Also any commission ideas welcomed. Thanks
  17. Lpolky

    VAT deducted on commission invoices for self employed staff

    Hi guys, So a while back I was enquiring if anyone knew if as a Salon I have self employed staff and all their takings go through my till and then they invoice me weekly and I pay them their cut of the percentage. I managed to get confirmation from my account and also on the HMRC website they...
  18. Lpolky

    VAT on treatments

    Hi guys, I’m try to get my head around vat... I am currently not charging vat but next year will be vat registered so need to increase my treatment prices. I am concerned it will make treatments quite expensive. So ideally now I charge £25 for shellac manicure but will need to be £30 Has...
  19. Lpolky

    Lash tint stained on floors and trolleys?

    Hi, does anyone have any recommendations for removing eyelash tint from surfaces trolleys and floors etc?
  20. Lpolky

    Light up wall display polish racks?

    Hi guys, Does anyone have any recommendations or photos I'm looking for wall display racks for my shellacking and polishes and would love a modern looking one that lights up. Wondered if anyone has seen or has anything. Thankyou