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  1. pinkglitter-x

    Nano/micro ring

    Is it best to have the ring the colour of the natural colour or to the hair you’re fitting colour. For adding hi lights / flashes.
  2. pinkglitter-x

    Nano rings

    Ive just started nano rings, can I have some advice and tips on a practice row I did. My training company arent open til tomorrow so keen to take all the advice I can get :)
  3. pinkglitter-x

    Business names

    Im so torn between using my name for my brand or coming up with a name and risk it being similar or the same as someone one else. I think own names are becoming more popular and professional?
  4. pinkglitter-x

    Hair extension methods?

    Hey Geeks, Sorry Ive been trawling the forum for hours and tbh my mind is just fried! I want to offer hair extensions and im really so torn on what methods are most popular... I think no glue are most popular now? Celebrity Weave is? I have been reading alot about Mini Locks specifically. Do...
  5. pinkglitter-x

    Getting back to basics

    I trained NVQ lvl 2 when I left school. I was 16-17 and It was literally terrifying! I had absolutely no confidence in what I was doing and they only really taught us enough to pass modules. I cant remember anything now really, ive dabbled on friends and family since. But now im 28 and lived...
  6. pinkglitter-x

    Micro rings in dyed hair?

    Hi! Just a random thought, as ive never done it, can you dye hair and apply micro rings same day? Does it affect the wear of the hair? As hair is always really smooth after tint..?
  7. pinkglitter-x

    Strawberry blonde/light auburn

    Hey :) I have a client ( dyed cool/ash 8 base) looking for a warm strawberry blonde/light auburn. Im really struggling to find something thats not too orange, or red or brown.. Has anyone achieved this colour? What did you use? Attached is the picture my client sent me
  8. pinkglitter-x

    Goldwell colour remover

    Hey, Ive been trawling for ages but cant seem to find the answer... When you use Goldwell colour remover, do you want before applying a tint? Or apply straight after? I was reading about it re-oxidising... So not sure?
  9. pinkglitter-x

    Hair colour to compliment skin tone

    Atm im a a warm brunette, my skin is cool pale so kinda blue pale! I used to fake take religiously, but im pregnant and cant be bothered now, let alone when baby comes. I want a more suited hair colour, so definitely need to go abit lighter I think, but im rubbish at matching up skin to hair...
  10. pinkglitter-x

    L&P training course

    Hello geeks! Im so stuck, going round and round in circles! Looking for a course for L&P extensions... looked at sweet squared for CND but its really expensive :( NSI is in manchester so too far (im down south) What else can I look fr? I cant find any threads that answer my question...
  11. pinkglitter-x

    Another gel polish thread

    If i were to train in Gellux (without a mani cert) can i use/buy some Gelish products too? Its all abit confusing in the nail world for me...
  12. pinkglitter-x


    Spring = pastels! Looking for cotton candy pink and lavender lilac. What would you recommend? Any pictures would help. Its on quite an ashy bleach blonde. Sent from my GT-I9505 using SalonGeek mobile app
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    Hey geeks Im doing a balayage/ombre style, shes a base 4. What is a good toner I could put on the bleached hair? Going to do a strand test but Im mobile so dont have alot of product as buy it as I go... Sent from my GT-I9505 using SalonGeek mobile app
  14. pinkglitter-x

    Click n Tan help

    I have the click n tan and abit stuck with the dial setting... It just says anti clockwise for less and it pretty much all the way round but im using 100ml solution?! I dont know what im doing really with gun set up as its new and cant find much... I know some geeks have them so hoping for their...
  15. pinkglitter-x

    Spray tan overspray

    Hello Geeks! Im a new skin geek, ive recently done my Nouvatan training, and getting on quite well! Only on friends and family atm but they are loving their tans! Only problem is im over spraying alot. And using way too much solution... im not sure how to rectify this (im playing with settings...
  16. pinkglitter-x

    Hair straighteners

    What do you use for clients? My GHDs packed up and dont know whether to try something new? I find GHDs curled hair so well so dont want to compromise that Sent from my GT-I9505 using SalonGeek mobile app
  17. pinkglitter-x

    Hair/Beauty Apprenticeship?

    Hello Geeks Two requests... One: im looking for a beauty apprenticeship in Wiltshire area?! If anybody knows anything? Two:im trained nvq lvl 2 in hair but not done alot with it since I qualified in 2007... im looking for somewhere to learn/retrain whilst being guided through it all again? I...
  18. pinkglitter-x

    Best clip in supplier?

    Looking for new extensions. Used to get them from Dirty Looks Formerly known as Head Kandy. But I want to try something new! Thanks :) Sent from my GT-I9505 using SalonGeek mobile app
  19. pinkglitter-x

    Pre-bonded or micro rings?

    Is it worth the money to train in both? Or just one? I dont want to lose potential clients with them saying I only have prebonded if I train in micro rings or vice versa. I literally want to book my course today but im having this torment over which, or both... Sent from my GT-I9505 using...
  20. pinkglitter-x

    Spray tanning questions

    Hey geeks! Just wanted to ask about the contraindication that is chemotherapy and radiotherapy. How long does a client have to be out of treatment before receiving a tan? Id still ask for a fit note or something to cover my bum. But ball park? As if I client asks why or how long, I dont have...