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    Where to buy good quality rings for hair extensions in UK?

    I've been having problems with my current supplier. Does anyone know someone apart for viola for good quality rings for micro rings and nanos? Thanks
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    Good quality copper tubes

    Hello, can anyone help where to buy good quality copper tubes?
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    Facebook group for hair extensions

    Hello, I have seen on here somewhere in a thread there is a facebook group for hair extensions but I can't find it,can anyone help?
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    Hair extensions supplier, middle range.

    Hello, we currently use Glamlox hair extensions Brazilian hair for our middle range. I wonder what other suppliers with premium quality do you recommend for your middle range? Would be good to hear about your preferred suppliers.
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    Has anyone tried Extension Professional hair extensions?

    We are currently looking for new supplier, has anyone tried Extension Professional hair?Thanks
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    Does anyone have Hair Planet and Hair Rebellion colour ring please

    Hello, I am looking for someone who has hair planet and hair rebellion colour ring and could let me know which colour no33 from hair planet will match on hair rebellion colour ring. Thank you