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  1. littlebluebird

    Tips for Lycon waxing - trade test

    I have a trade test on Monday for a new salon and I'll be doing a Lycon Hollywood wax, I have been working in a salon for 6 months now with Lycon but I was shown to use a cold compress to help set the wax and I've never done a wax without using one! So I'm feeling quite nervous incase I'm not...
  2. littlebluebird

    Mobile waxing with Perron Rigot

    Hi everyone! I am planning to do some mobile beauty work soon, and one of the treatments I'll be offering is facial waxing. I'm still buying all my stock and equipment and stuff, and I'd just like to know what kind of wax pots everyone uses when mobile? I would like to use both Visage and strip...
  3. littlebluebird

    Is Kim Lawless training worth doing?

    Hi everyone, I've been interested in training with Kim for intimate waxing for a while now, I'd just like to know if it's worth going for if you are already fairly confident with waxing? I'm qualified in intimate waxing from my Level 3 Beauty course, and I'm now working in a salon that...