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  1. baselrod

    Sukar Sugar Paste

    I have just taken delivery of a few tubs of this paste. It says its the original hand sugaring paste - but the tub says it has to be at 40 degrees to use. Having never used sugaring before I wonder if anyone can advise me on how I go about it? I bought the paste primarily for my...
  2. baselrod

    Trying to find BETHAN - Beauty Therapist from Bridgend!

    I am trying to trace Bethan, she is a fantastic beauty therapist who used to work in The Priory Salon in Bridgend. She carried out Dermalogica facials and was AMAZING!! sadly she left whilst I was pregnant and have since set up my mobile beauty business and would love to find out where she is...
  3. baselrod

    Aromatherapy Massage wording - help?

    I have put the following wording together for my website - can I please have your honest opinions - is there more I should add - anything I should take out? Thank you .x.x:hug: Using pre-blended Eve Taylor body oils to offer you the most blissful relaxation massage. Inhale, relax and enjoy...
  4. baselrod

    Website - Knocking confidence already!!

    :confused:I don't want to bore you but I am steadily getting my website together and am very pleased with it so far. I just just found a message on the Guest Book "WTF" posted by "WTF" now i think i know what this translates to and am a bit shaken by it? Why would someone do that?? Anyway...
  5. baselrod

    Acrylic nail technicians - I take my hat off to you!

    I had my first set of acrylics put on today - SO WHAT?! - you might say.. Well, I'm a VTCT NVQ II qualified beauty therapist and have learnt overlay and sculpting with Bio Sculpture and work as a part time mobile therapist. After becoming addicted to this site and getting very excited I thought...
  6. baselrod

    UV Lamp - Cancer link?!

    Has anybody else seen articles in the press/magazines about the continuous use of UV lamps in artificial nails and this being linked with women diagnosed with skin cancer, there is mention that MMA is also being used but not currently banned in the UK (although I seem to note that most products...
  7. baselrod

    Mobile retail sales (mobile PIN machine)

    Me again! This site is like a black hole - once your drawn in you can't get out!!:) Anyway, I'm a mobile therapist and the more I read the more I realise that profits come a lot with retailing after care products etc. How do you go about selling whilst mobile? This may seem like a daft...
  8. baselrod

    Where to find threading thread?

    Can anyone help? I'm in the middle of a threading course and have looked online to try and buy the correct thread - can't seem to find it anywhere? Any ideas as to stockists? Thanks very much :)
  9. baselrod

    Creative/OPI products/training

    Hello! This is my first post, after weeks of reading all the other posts! Can anybody help? I am NVQ Level 2 qualified (Beauty Therapist) and have slowly (over the last year) been getting the confidence together to push myself properly into the mobile therapy route. I have so far been...