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  1. LilMissEmmylou

    Gels and acrylic - is there any need to learn both?

    I am dipping my toes back into beauty training for salon treatments ( I currently work in management for a cosmetics store). I have just signed up for a gel course which is £275 but she advised its £399 if I want to add acrylics. Now, all I remember about acrylics from college was that I hated...
  2. LilMissEmmylou

    Ikea tables used as nail desks?

    The Klimpen looks fab - anyone used it and know where you can get glass for the top?
  3. LilMissEmmylou

    Orly Gel FX

    Hey, I've had a search and could find a thread on people trying to remove this when a client has arrived already wearing it. Couldn't really see any reviews on how people find it to use and remove after they have trained with them though. So I am wondering, who here is trained with Orly and...
  4. LilMissEmmylou

    Do me a favour and click like to help me win a comp Wondering if you all could do me a wee favour and click the link and then like on my comment wanting an Oriental Princess costume (Name is Emma Erskine) - trying to win my...
  5. LilMissEmmylou

    Level 3 Massage vs Level 3 Sports Massage

    I completed my level 2 last year along with spray tan but didn't go back to do my level 3 as I was offered a great job as an assistant manager for a cosmetics store. Now I will be off on maternity leave from September and figured I should do an evening course to add to my skills base for the...
  6. LilMissEmmylou

    What would you do - re: level 3 course

    So I had my interview today to do my level 3 at the college I have just done my level 2 and I have been accepted. Its likely to be 3 days a week in college and 1 day placement. It will cover massage, hot stone massage, electrical facials, body electricals, indian head massage and aromatherapy...
  7. LilMissEmmylou

    Face of the day

    I see this done on a lot of blogs and thought it would be cool to try a thread here with a face of the day if anyone would be up for joining me? I need to get WAY more practice with my make-up to learn new skills and get better at the ones I already know. I would also like the feedback of more...
  8. LilMissEmmylou

    How many of us have external blogs?

    I know there are blogs on the site here but I was wondering how many of us have blogs on blogger or wordpress etc? I have taken to following a lot of beauty blogs on bloglovin which is a platform to follow pretty much any blog regardless of what site it is on and I love it! If anyone here has...
  9. LilMissEmmylou

    Wordpress stats?

    Ok so I use wordpress for my beauty blog and I am an addict when it comes to checking my stats. Now recently im sure my fellow bloggers have noticed that wordpress added in the ability not only to see how many posts had been read but how many people visited the site. THIS is what is confusing...
  10. LilMissEmmylou

    A thread for those starting an NVQ in Beauty in September

    There seems to be lots of threads popping up from I joined last month for people excited they are going to do their NVQ in September. Im right there long with you all very excited to be going and thought it might be nice if we had a wee thread to support and keep each other motivated (rather...