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  1. TLC Lisa

    Who's going to Beauty UK and competing?

    As the title says who's going for shopping and who's going for competing ? Xxx
  2. TLC Lisa

    Which stiletto tips?

    As the title says I'm waiting for the NSI secrets stiletto tips but wondering what others are using I can sculpt but more comfortable using tips xx
  3. TLC Lisa

    Looking for a soak off gel for enhancements

    As the title says I'm looking for a soak off gel which is strong enough for enhancements and will soak off ! Has anyone tried the onine tri gel and what's your reviews ? I know of brisa lite but I have an LED lamp Thanks x
  4. TLC Lisa

    NSI sculpted roses using Secrets

    Hello and good afternoon as the title says I've been using the new NSI secrets shades to sculpt 3d roses and it's amazing I've actually done my 1st video and put in you tube I would appreciate if any one would take the time to watch xxx Thank you in advance
  5. TLC Lisa

    NSI sculpted roses using Secrets

  6. TLC Lisa

    Full cover pre designed nails

    Hello ! As the title says really I'm looking into full cover nails for people who do not have time to sit for a full set of stillettos, who like them and are not practical for every day use etc I've seen many well known techs going to fashion week with pre designed full cover nails and...
  7. TLC Lisa

    Anyone use Artistic Rock Hard gel? Ratings

    As the title says does anyone use rock Hard gel and how do you find it xx Thanks in advance
  8. TLC Lisa

    Anyone used the Artistic L&P?

    As the thread says looking to buy this week and wondered if anyone has used and their views ?????? Xxx
  9. TLC Lisa

    1 step crystal lac - your thoughts?

    As the title says wondering about the 1 step crystal lac with wear shine etc if anybody has any reviews ? Xx Tia
  10. TLC Lisa

    How soon is too soon for your own nail bar?

    Just wondered what others thoughts were on this topic. Had a new client yesterday who asked when I was intending to open my own nail bar. I work mobile at present and with my daughter being in morning nursery this is perfect for me at the moment to gain experience etc. (have thought about...
  11. TLC Lisa

    Show us your Artistic Colour Gloss pics

    As the title says I know there's one for gelish etc but looking to try a few colours and would love to see the pics of all you talented nail techs using the artistic range xxx
  12. TLC Lisa

    Has anyone used the Classic Glam spray tan system?

    As the title says has anyone used the classic glam spray tan system by tanning essentials and if so how did you find it ? Xx
  13. TLC Lisa

    Ts20 or new glam spray tan system

    As the title says I am using a ts20 with helia Gun at the moment and very interested in the new glam spray tan system. Has anyone used both and if so, how do you rate them ? Xx
  14. TLC Lisa

    Harmony acrylic design course

    As the title says anyone done and how was it ? Soooo excited xx
  15. TLC Lisa

    Gemma Lambert 1 stroke nail art 6 + needed to book in Cardiff

    As the title says I would love to learn 1 stroke nail art by Gemma Lambert and looking at her website it says a venue can be booked in Cardiff if there are 6 or more ....... Who's interested ? Xx
  16. TLC Lisa

    Anyone here do pink and white acrylics from Swansea area

    As the title says anyone from Swansea or surrounding area here who do pink and white acrylics ... I can do 1 hand but other is not as good lol xx
  17. TLC Lisa

    Beauty Guild vouchers

    Just wondering if any one accepts these for the pedicure treatment around the Pontypridd or aberdare area ? X I've had a client contact me who is willing to drive to Swansea which is approx 25 miles away and after she uses fuel she may as well as book a pedicure in her area xxx anyone out there...
  18. TLC Lisa

    Smash Box reviews?

    As the title says I've recently completed my course in make and been trialing different brands but came across smashbox and wondered if anyone else uses this ??? Xx
  19. TLC Lisa

    How long to build clientele by renting nail station?

    Good evening all .. As the title says I'm really considering renting a nail station for a few days a week and give up my permanent position (which has nothing to do with nails ;-) ) How long would you say it takes to build a good number of clientele.. Roughly ?? I've spoken to to a salon...
  20. TLC Lisa

    Bursting with excitement, finally have my own room

    As the title says I'm bursting with excitement as my hubby has finally given in (after 1 years worth of nagging) to give me the spare bedroom so I can turn into a treatment room. He does have the garage too ;-) Any recommendations on wall colours only painting no wall paper as its all plaster...