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  1. Lolla

    Wirey eyebrows on elderly client

    Hi all I'm after some advice/tips to help me with my brow client who I'm a bit lost with. She's in her 80's and has fair hair. Last year her daughter trimmed and plucked her brows to within an inch of their life so that you could hardly see them. A few months ago I started tinting them for...
  2. Lolla

    Has anyone used

    Hi all Have done a search on here but found nothing... I've just come across, has anyone here registered on it? If so what is your opinion on it, do you think potential clients use it? Lolla x
  3. Lolla

    My client is looking for a tech in Lake Havasu City, Arizona

    Hi all One of my regulars is traveling to America for 5 weeks in July (I think she said) and she will need her nails doing whilst she is out there. She has sculptured acrylic nails so will need a backfill/infill. I want to send her prepared as she said the only places she knows out there are...
  4. Lolla

    What could be causing this nail whiteness?

    Hi all If the client doesn't pick her Gelish off, she's using her oil twice a day, she's following all after care, I am removing it correctly - what else could cause these white discolourations towards the ends of the nail? She's been having Gelish for about 8 months now. Thanks in advance x...
  5. Lolla

    Shellac - the new Hoover!

    Getting so many people tell me they've had Shellac before - when they really mean Gelish, IBD Just Gel, Gellux, Geleration or even dodgy Bluesky etc - I find myself using this analogy: The word Shellac vs any gel polish has become like Hoover vs any vacuum cleaner - as the brand name is so...
  6. Lolla

    Facebook Selling Pages for Therapists

    Hi everyone I've just done a search for this but can't find anything relevent - maybe I'm not entering the correct words? I was wondering if anyone from SG has created a group on Facebook for selling pro products to other pros - seen as we're not allowed to sell on here? Or if you are a member...
  7. Lolla

    Facial - antibiotics - itching

    Hi all One of my regular facial clients has just started a course of anti biotics for a lung condition she has. They have made the area around her eyes itchy (GP says this is normal on these particular meds) and she wants a soothing facial for sensitive skin. I do Aromatherapy facials so use...
  8. Lolla

    Help needed from a Wirral/Cheshire Geek!

    I'm not sure really where to post this... I've been asked to do a pamper session in Ellesmere Port on Friday 19th July 9am-1pm. It's for an organisation not at someone's house. It will be doing mini massages (hands/feet/shoulders), file and polish and brow shapes. I need an extra pair of hands...
  9. Lolla

    Never saw this before-Gelish lifted

    Client came for re-Gelish with nothing to soak off...shows me this pic...(came off after 1 week) It's never happened in my 2yrs of doing hundreds and hundreds of sets, she said they peeled up at the side walls and free edge and came away quite easily - I believe her as she had no white...
  10. Lolla

    How much extra for Gelish on acrylics?

    I KNOW this has been asked before as I've seen it but cannot for the life of me find any threads about on my phone doing maybe the search facility is a bit pants. Anyway, how much extra do you charge for Gelish on top of sculpted acrylic extensions? :-) Sent from my GT-I9100 using...
  11. Lolla

    Face hole sniffles

    How do you all avoid your clients getting right bunged up and sniffly when using the face hole in your massage couch? I end up having to give them a tissue with peppermint on in an attempt to unblock them! Sent from my GT-I9100 using SalonGeek
  12. Lolla

    Fluid retention and cellulite on legs

    Hi all I'm after a bit of advice on how to tailor a treatment for this client: She suffers with excess fluid build up and (what appears to me) like quite a bit of cellulite on her legs (upper and lower). It really gets her down and she feels that it's because she drinks a lot of wine - when...
  13. Lolla

    Mobile Gelish tech in Chester?

    I don't know if there is another place to post this but am on phone... Are there any therapists/nail techs in Chester who are mobile, work late on a Thursday and preferably do Gelish? I have a very loyal client who is just too far away from me to be going to at 7pm. I don't just want to tell...
  14. Lolla

    What's on Eddie Izzard's nails?!

    Just watching the Jonathan Ross show with Eddie Izzard who is sporting a very lovely set of what looks like emhancements with either Gelish or Shellac on top...anyone know for sure what it is and who did them?! Sent from my GT-I9100 using SalonGeek
  15. Lolla

    What's on EddieIzzard's nails?!

  16. Lolla

    Client mistook Nailtiques Formula 2 for Solar Oil

    A few months back I gave my friend a bottle of Nailtiques Formula 2+ along with a 15ml Solar Oil to help her weak nails. Yesterday she decided to have acrylic overlay with Gelish on top. Told her verbally to use the Solar Oil I gave her (showed her my bottle too when applying at end of...
  17. Lolla

    Gelish - colour separating from Structure

    Hi all Having a few problems with clients who wear Structure Gel. I've been using it on them since last April time with no probs. In past couple of months the colour coat on some nails has been lifting right off the Structure gel...the structure has stayed firmly on the nail. Sometimes they...
  18. Lolla

    Start up costs on Tax Return

    Well now that it's 2013 I'm starting to have a little panic upon realising I've only got 30 days to get my tax return in....EEEP!! I am struggling on where to put my start up costs - my business started in Feb 2012, I have filled in all profit and expense bits so thats fine. But I spent quite a...
  19. Lolla

    Reaction to Solar Oil?

    I have a client who I have Gelished twice and got her to start using Solar Oil. She started using it on Friday and this Monday (3 days later) has contacted me saying she is "having a reaction to it" and says "all round my cuticles and tips of fingers are flaky skin. Looks awful, shud I stop...
  20. Lolla

    Sore nails after gel polish removal

    Hi all Just wondering if anyone has experienced the same thing - I've worn gel polish constantly since last December. I've never had them off for more than about 10 minutes before redoing them. Took them off this morning and didn't have time to redo (doing it tomorrow). They have been a little...