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  1. blush09

    Anyone have any OPI colours you do not use, for good cause?

    hope i can do this, im assuming it will be removed if not ;) steph knight is a teenage girl with terminal cancer, her story is here : Stephanie Knight | 2010 October i noticed one of the things on her wishlist is a kit of opi polishes and files, i have an opi case and a few odd colours...
  2. blush09

    Samantha Chapman make-up school

    does anyone know if samantha chapman (pixiwoo) still runs a makeup academy .. cant seem to be able to get onto her website? alternatively can anyone recommend a reputable makeup school that wont blow the bank, my sister wants to book a course for my nieces 18th bday she's currently studying...
  3. blush09

    Make up brands for brides?

    my daughter wants to eventally train with samantha chapman and become a mua - she's always stuck one here, which i believe is great for finding out the latest *hero* cosmetics, just had quick look - she has loads recommendations which might get you off to a good start
  4. blush09

    Make up brands for brides?

    i worked as a bridal makeup artist in a previous life .. sadly many brides are snobs about what makeup brands you use, MAC seemed to be the favourite, followed closely by the haute houses - chanel, lancome etc .. i think a kit with mixed brands is best for working with try and research the...
  5. blush09

    Do I take the plunge?

    as one of the other posters said be prepared to put in the hard work .. when i first started out, i was still working pt time and almost treated my beauty business as a means to earn a bit of extra pocket money .. i didnt take myself seriously and so nobody else did! and make sure you charge...
  6. blush09

    Starting up!

    i think depends on the average age group of your clientele .. i found the older clients tend to ask for shellac the younger ones favour gelish hth x
  7. blush09

    Bridal updos

    can i ask where you get your inspiration for bridal updos? does the bride usually know what she wants in advance, or ask for recommendations? do you use her own pins, simple hair accessories etc or supply pins for the updos yourself?
  8. blush09

    Bridal packages-are they popular?

    just wondered if anyone offered these and are they popular, does the MOH and bridesmaids book on as well?
  9. blush09

    Bad luck? No, terrible luck!

    i dont seem to have bad luck on a daily basis just big dramas every cpl years or so, wont go into detail as some quite personal and upsetting but when i look back at my life i think to myself jeez .. you've been been through the mill a bit, probably why it irritates so much when people on fb...
  10. blush09

    £14.50 food challenge for a month

    wow .. that is a small amt! are you doing it as a one off? surely nutritionally you couldnt live on such a small amt long term .. are you a secret celebrity practicing for bb or get me out of here ? lol
  11. blush09

    Bridal hair stylists, can I pick your brains?

    not literally, just have a marketing idea but need feedback from people specialising in bridal hair this isnt a plug or advert btw, just need a little feedback before i invest time and money in my idea :)
  12. blush09

    bridal hair stylists, can i pick your brains?

  13. blush09


    have emailed you, also if you google the wholesaler should come up with whole list of suppliers ;)
  14. blush09

    Anyone good at copy who could help me out with a generic email, please?

    jack came up you pmd me but my inbox is empty .. will have to check if full :eek:
  15. blush09

    Anyone good at copy who could help me out with a generic email, please?

    thank you karl, hmm might be tricky then .. will email you (if i may, i have dealt with you before lol ;) to have glance over my idea if you dont mind :)
  16. blush09

    Anyone good at copy who could help me out with a generic email, please?

    jack shaw will pm you its hard to explain .. just an idea which will beneficial to one or two *potentional* clients, just thought though i might need to find out if im spamming though, dont want to get into any sort of trouble! :idea:
  17. blush09

    Anyone good at copy who could help me out with a generic email, please?

    ha ha verve, what a coincidence .. was going to ask you to eventually design a leaflet to support the email ;) x will send you email if you dont mind having a look at it, all feedback much appreciated xx
  18. blush09

    Anyone good at copy who could help me out with a generic email, please?

    have written rough outline, wondered if anyone could give me feedback on my email and point out any changes i could make to improve .. many thanks :) x
  19. blush09

    Are there any business courses in the South East?

    or has government funding dried up? :( need help/advise with my new venture which is not beauty related