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  1. jac extreme

    Experienced beauty Therapist

    We are looking for a trained beauty therapist, preferably Elemis trained to work part time in a busy beauty salon in Hemel Hempstead, please send your CV to
  2. jac extreme

    experienced Nail technician and

    Please send your CV to
  3. jac extreme

    Nail Bars for Salon

    Hi Guys, just wondering if anyone knows of a supplier for a nail bar, one that can take three techs. I have been looking online and can't find anything.
  4. jac extreme

    Took my habit tic to far !!

    The other night I was reading a book and having a pic at my thumb at the cuticle (as usual) well the book must have been good, because I began having a chew as well, then suddenly thought "Ouch thats more painful than usual" I had nawed at my nail plate, at the matrix, its pretty gross, but...
  5. jac extreme

    Cleaning your straightening irons

    Can a hair geek please tell me how to clean my straigtening irons, they seem to be dragging at my hair and catching, whats the best way to clean them, I dont use products in my hair.:)
  6. jac extreme

    CND Nail Tech Required

    please send me a pm if you are interested or would like to ask any questions.
  7. jac extreme

    Can I help this client?

    A lady came to see me the other day and asked if I could help her regarding her nails, Approx a year ago she had a severe reaction to Amoxycillin and contracted Steven Johnson sydome and then TENS which caused loss of skin, hair, nails and partial blindness. I am posting a picture of her nails...
  8. jac extreme

    Geeky mates working together

    Just wanted to say "Yehaa" me and Tricky wil be working together as she is coming to work at the salon with me, looking forward to it mate, I predict some fun times ahead, every cloud has a silver lining hun, lucky old you getting to work with good job I am the calm and sensible type is...
  9. jac extreme

    Well Done Tricky 1st Place Gel Div 3 G-mex

    Need I say more, hugs mate:hug:
  10. jac extreme

    G-mex Hotel Help

    I know I have left it a bit late, but I cant find a hotel very close to gmex that will sleep 3 adults on sat 13th. does anyone know of any reasonably priced hotels or B&Bs in the area, have tried the Ibis, travel lodge, premier travel inn etc.:irked:
  11. jac extreme

    Happy Birthday *joanne*

  12. jac extreme

    nail technician

    The Beauty Square are currently looking for a part time Nail Technician to work as part of our team in this friendly Hemel Hempstead based salon, we use CND and Bio sculpture products, the applicant must be prepared to work Saturdays, please pm me for more details.
  13. jac extreme

    sending images in high res

    can anyone help, I have sent some images by email and they are low res apparently and they need to be high res, does anyone know how to do this?? thanks:)
  14. jac extreme

    BRAVE DAY colour fade and 3d

    Ok here is my effort its my first attempt at a colour fade:)
  15. jac extreme

    Happy Birthday Izzydoll and other birthday geeks!!

    OH my, I have been waiting to get in first on this one.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY IZZY..DONT YOU JUST LOVE BEING 21:lick::biggrin::D:wink2:
  16. jac extreme

    hands hurting from work

    In the last few months I have noticed that my left hand (working hand) is becoming painful. This is the hand that I get eczema on so the joints are scarred on this hand, but I don't think that is the problem, I think it is the position I hold my hand in to work thats causing it. I cannot open...
  17. jac extreme

    The missing Brisa Lamp

    Hahaha, watch out Tricky! :twisted: :twisted:
  18. jac extreme

    neon colour for hair

    Hi hair geeks, a while ago my daughter had pink put in her hair by my hairdresser which faded very fast, someone a while ago told me that you could get a colour that really lasts and that she got it from a website, my hairdresser said if I could find out about it she would look into it for me...
  19. jac extreme

    Xtenso hair straightening

    Hi , guys, my daughter has fine very wavy hair but loads of it and its a right bugger to straighten, my hairdresser is going to be doing an xtenso ceramic straightening treatment on her next month. just wondered what you hair geeks opinions of this treatment are. I trust my hairdresser...
  20. jac extreme

    Keelydees russel brand nails

    here we go geeks, Keelys nails for the Brits promo pics on the lovely Russel brand, but I am sure she can tell you more.