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  1. jac extreme

    Hi mate just seen your message, never on here, have messaged you on FB xxx

    Hi mate just seen your message, never on here, have messaged you on FB xxx
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    I got mine from Sam Biddle Sam's must haves - Sam Biddle
  3. jac extreme

    Do you use Nail Pinchers when doing acrylics?

    There is no need to pinch, but it does slim the nails and if done correctly causes no damage, if someone has a really wide natural nail, it can help it to look slimmer and give a nicer c curve.
  4. jac extreme

    Crybaby or myscara- which one?

    Have not tried either, but would love to know the difference between the two.
  5. jac extreme

    Experienced beauty Therapist

    We are looking for a trained beauty therapist, preferably Elemis trained to work part time in a busy beauty salon in Hemel Hempstead, please send your CV to
  6. jac extreme

    experienced Nail technician and

    Please send your CV to
  7. jac extreme

    Professional Beauty 2011 VIP GeekMeet

    so for those of us who have already registered can we still come in without a vip badge :)
  8. jac extreme

    One stroke flowers on nails by Margarita Belska

    beautiful, do you do classes:)
  9. jac extreme

    Strangest reason you have came across as to why a client should get a discount?

    I have had the same too, twice I said no both times, but I did waver a bit :lol:
  10. jac extreme

    so early retirement too

    so early retirement too
  11. jac extreme

    Gel/Polish hybrids

    That's what I am thinking Izzy, I want something that will stay put on my nails, Bio never does, I want my clients to look at my nails and say "I want that":)
  12. jac extreme

    Gel/Polish hybrids

    Thanks guys, what about soaking off, do you need to buff then ??
  13. jac extreme

    Gel/Polish hybrids

    do you need to buff the nat nail with gelish, sorry if its been answered already:)
  14. jac extreme


    Goodbye and rest in peace Adele A funny, clever, kinder geek, you could not hope to meet xxxxx
  15. jac extreme

    White blotches

    did she caught in the rain on her way home ?
  16. jac extreme

    Comment by 'jac extreme' in media '2003 0101Image0005'

    she seems to have missed the edges of the thumbs with the white