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  1. Cec

    Models needed for comp. in Dublin the 4th. and 5th. of Oct.

    I have begun preparing for the competitions in September and October. I think I have sorted out the models I need in Manchester and London, but none in Dublin... :-/ Anybody going to the show who want to have a "sneak-peak" into the competition arena? PLEASE send me a pm! C.
  2. Cec

    Anybody from Budapest here?

    I am going to Budapest tomorrow. Unfortunately I have to take my nailstuff with me, to practice for Orlando and Las Vegas. Anybody here who want to be my "victim" or just want a "nail-chat"? :hug:C.
  3. Cec

    Anybody from Aberdeen here?

    I am going to Aberdeen next Friday (the 3.) and will stay for 5 days. My husband is going to work Monday and Tuesday (and maybe Wednesday, if we are staying until Thursday). Anybody who want to meet up for a cup of coffee, a "nail-chat" or to show me their salon? :hug:C.
  4. Cec

    I will be in Liverpool Saturday, Sunday and Monday

    Well, I have some spare time at Sunday... Anybody want to meet up for a coffee, or to do some nails? :hug:Cecilie
  5. Cec

    Nailympics 2009 - time-issues

    I have just found the rules for Nailympics in London. I remember last year, the time was 2 hours, but they changed it to 2,5 hours. This year it is set back to 2 hours again... What do you think of that? My plan was to enter, but I don't know now... 2 hours seems too little for me...
  6. Cec

    I need a model for Gmex!

    I have finally decided to compete in Manchester. I haven't had the time to practice, so I didn't plan to compete, but then I thought: "Why not, as I am going anyway!" I need the experience, so I'll be brave to do it. :) I only have one problem... I don't have a model! Anybody here wanting to be...
  7. Cec

    Anybody having a spare issue of the Scratch mag from this month?

    There was an article from Nailympics and picture of me and my nails there... Is there anybody out there who have a spare issue to send me to Norway? Please? I will, of course pay for the magazine and sending. :hug:C.
  8. Cec

    Not a show, but a conference?

    I have read the threads about how bad both the Olympia and the Excell show was and have been thinking.... (Hahahaha, funny thing...:-)) I liked Olympia because I competed. I didn't by anything other than a "beauty-trolley" (which nearly costed me 100 pounds in overweight, but that's another...
  9. Cec

    I am soooo angry and stressed and I need all the help I can get....

    This is my blog-entry, but I post it here too, just to reach those who don't read blogs.... There is a strike in Norway and I will not be able to get home before heading to London. I even don't know IF I will be able to get to London or if I am stuck here in Portugal or in Amsterdam. BUT I am...
  10. Cec

    Looking for a model at Olympia

  11. Cec

    Looking for a model at Olympia

    As some of you know, I am going to enter the gel competition at Olympia. My only problem (apart from my nerves, my timing, my inconsistent nails etc...:eek::)) is that I don't have a model yet. Is there anybody out there with nice, long and sleek nailbeds who wants to be my model? I will...
  12. Cec

    Podcasts about nails

    Just wanted to let you know I just found lots of podcasts about nails at Nails Magazine I haven't listened to them yet, but I will next time I go to the gym, maybe the session will be more fun. (I only go to the gym because I HAVE to, not because I like it. In fact, I hate it, I get tired and...
  13. Cec

    All about competition, model etc...

    Yesterday I chatted with Kirsty and some other techs about going into competition. I have finally made the decision that I really want to go into competition. Regarding to that, I have lots of question, some really stupid once I believe, and some less stupid...:) My first one is regarding to...
  14. Cec

    Competition and gel

    I wrote this in my journal, but thought it would be easier to get the answers if I make a thread of it.... I don't have long nailbeds and my nails are flat..... But I didn't have a model, I had some extra time, so I tried to make some deep smiles.... I used my own nails, as I can't stand to...
  15. Cec

    Competition and gel

    Yesterday, at the awarding of prizes, when coming to nails, the judge said something like that the entries was not good enough/they could do better (I don't remember the exact wording, but I heard it like that...) As a gel-geek, and wanting to entering competition, I wonder... With salon-nails...
  16. Cec

    Hair shows?

    Anybody know is there are any hair shows for professionals in London? I know there are, but don't know their names...:) Thanks in advance. Cec.
  17. Cec

    Strange phone...

    This is REALLY strange... When I left the salon I switched my salon-phone over to my mobile. Some min. ago I got a phone-call. There were no number showing but I thought it could be a friend or something, so I answered it. An English voice said: "Can you do my nails?" AT 23.00 (we are one...
  18. Cec

    Coffee in Leeds Sunday the 25th. of November?

    As some of you know, I am going to Leeds to see Gigi and to see the demo of "the new way..". I don't think I will be very keen to go out at the Saturday as I have to get up at 03.30 in the morning, take two planes and have the 121 with Gigi. I bet I will be exhausted and just longing for the...
  19. Cec

    Brandy creme... EH?

    Ok, this is a STRANGE question, I know....:) You may know I am going to Leeds... You also may know that I can't stand Christmas-pudding... What I love is the brandy creme... So my question is... How long is the best before date on such things??? Will I manage to put it in my suitcase (I assume...
  20. Cec

    The client we all LOVE! Nah...

    OK, this is a story... It's a mix of some of what I have experienced... Hope you get a laugh of it! :-D *** Telephone rings… ”Hello, it’s Ms. X, I need an appointment tomorrow at 10 o’clock. It’s the only time I can and it’s very important.” ”OK, I will see if I can change the person that...