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    Sideways screen to put across the couch

    Has anyone found a screen which can be angled across the couch or manicure table to provide a barrier? Would make waxing legs a lot easier. It would need to be on a stand ...
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    Disposable spatulas

    Anybody else worried about the number of wooden spatulas they are throwing away? Could get metal ones and sanitise them but need bigger wooden spatulas if not. Any suggestions? Also, I can’t really see too well through my visor? Is this just me??? First day teething problems - do you have any?
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    Old timers?

    I have been a therapist for 27 years now. Feeling old.... Are there many others on Salon Geek who have done as long a life sentence as me? Would be interested. Still love my job though - its not a life sentence at all!
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    LED mask eye protection

    Can I ask if anyone normally would use disposable eye shields when using an LED light mask on clients? I have used the shields as the light is incredibly bright, but I am struggling to find where I can buy them. Can anybody help or advise me? Thanks.
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    Customer service in the beauty industry

    Apologies firstly, for sounding like an old, moaning-minnie, but I have been a therapist now for 26 years. When I first started, the customer service provided by companies within the beauty industry was really good, very pro-active and always looking for our business. Training was always good...
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    3D face frame eyebrows

    anybody know what's happened to 3D faceframe eyebrows?