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    Risk assessment help

    I'm about to start my own business and will be mobile. I'm aware of doing a COVID-19 risk assessment but do I also need to do a standard one? If I do could you let me know of what to put in it as I can't find any templates online and not sure how I can do a risk assessment based on someones...
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    Mobile PPE & money

    For those who are mobile... - What PPE will you be offering clients/wearing yourself? & - How are you going about payments? Are you still taking cash or will you be going contactless by bank transfer, paypal or getting a card reader like sum up or similar?
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    UV lamp question

    I'm wanting to try a new gel brand however I dont really want to buy their lamp incase I dont like the gel polish (I feel like it would get super expensive any time I want to test a new brand!) I've looked at the specs of their lamp and mine is exactly the same (48w UV/LED) Would this be okay...