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    Nail forms?

    what are the best nail forms to use? ive used the naio nails ones and i love them but want to try some different brands. i love the look of the glitter planet ones, any others?
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    Recommendations on Polygel/Acrygel?

    im looking for some polygel or acrygel which ever one its called that doesnt cost an arm and a leg, i have used it before and im wanting to get some but dont know what brand is best to get?
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    Double ended acrylic brushes?

    hi everyone, how do you all feel about double ended acrylic brushes? how do you store them? how do you clean them?
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    Halo Easi Build

    has anyone on here used halo easi build?
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    Has anyone used Zalon?

    im in need of a decent colour remover, ive heard zalon is good but wondering if anyone has used it, hope someone can help me?
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    Best colour removers?

    hi all, at the moment my hair is black only one application underneath is a dark brown then under that is copper, im going to strip the colour and have it balyaged but need advice on what colour remover to use, hope someone can help me?xx