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    Recruitment advice, support, I'm at breaking point!

    I know ! have ranted on here many times about the state of recruitment in the beauty industry, but I'm about to hit rock bottom and need help before I give up. After eight years of giving everything I have to my salon I am about to close the doors. I cannot recruit able or experienced...
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    Where do you look for work?

    To all the talented wonderful therapists out there, where do you go to look for work?. I'm wondering if I'm completely out of touch with how people go job hunting at the moment, I am now about to enter my third month of recruiting and I am about to lose the will to live. I have a new treatment...
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    Where do you look for beauty jobs?

    I'm currently sat in my office deflated and resigned to the fact I may have to start a college as I am unable to recruit. Only about 60% of interviews turn up the rest simply don't even bother to call. I have been trying to find experienced therapists for the last 3 years. I get inundated...
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    Changes in beauty education (over the last 20 years!)

    Whilst I understand this is an unusual question, the situation has perplexed me for some time and I wondered if any of the wonderful geeks on the “interweb” may be able to cast some light on this subject as I can't seem to find any answers. Over the last 25 years I have seen drastic changes in...
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    Recruitment advice

    I'm having trouble recruiting and feel it may be something to do with the way I advertise. I have tried both brief and lengthy advertisements and the only responses get are from people not qualified for the position, students and college leavers. Can anyone offer up any advice or opinions...
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    5 day beauty therapy course!

    I have recently discovered that there is a college just outside London that offers a 5 day NVQ beauty therapy course for each level and it is accredited by the VTCT, I've looked on their website. I recently interviewed a candidate who attended this college and I was horrified to discover how...
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    Special treatment license?

    I would like to ask if anyone else feels offended by the special treatment licensing process. My local council simply sends a sheet of tatty A4 paper in exchange for their annual sum. I have repeatedly ask them for an inspection or anything other than a very expensive sheet of A4 paper, for...
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    Apprenticeship advice

    I've been trying to recruit two level 2 beauty apprentices for the last 12 months but I'm having difficulty getting colleges to send me CVs, I'm now on my third college! The journey always starts with a rep visiting my salon and telling me how pleased they are to have a new business as they are...
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    Unusual massage!

    There is a new spa opening near to mine which is advertising "fingertip feather massage." I have been in the industry for 20 years and never once encountered such a treatment and am afraid all I can think is that it's all a little mucky. Has anyone ever heard of this (outside of the mucky...