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  1. ibizasun

    Porcelain effect nail art technique?

    Inspired by tea pots :) what you think guys of Porcelain effect nail art technique using gel and transfer foil. I also love the baroque nail art which is quite similar. Please share any inspiration can be a Chinese porcelain or some nail art. I have done this ones so far. But so in love in this...
  2. ibizasun

    Scratch Magazine-Trials & Tech-nique

  3. ibizasun

    Practical nail art, but not on the nails- let's be creative

    Some ideas for you girls to ern extra money. Christmas baubles one stroke nail art. Share your ideas on where or how did you used your nail art but not on the nails :) I think it is fab to keep income coming in from diffrent source when we cet quaieter with Nails Uploaded with
  4. ibizasun

    Most popular nail art training theme

    Hi girls I'm doing some research what kind of nail art training you are most interested to atend. What kind of designs your clients are requesting. What will be your number one to go on : one stroke nail art training, 3d designs, jewellery nail art, Zhostovo nail art, free hand painting...
  5. ibizasun

    Home Nail Technician courses

    Hi everyone. Don't want to make upset anyone but I just wonder how home studing courses for nail technician can be good?? What make you to choose them?/ How Educator can explain to you the way to hold your brush, corect your mistakes itp. It is almost selflearning.
  6. ibizasun

    Stiletto nails

    Hi just wonder how many of you do stiletto nails? Are they popular in mini size in your salons? I find them not practical at all for salon purpose unless they more kind of pointy shape insted of true stiletto, but I love doing them after houres for practising a nail art and photoshoots. Will be...
  7. ibizasun

    Nail Designs by Dorota Palicka

    Hi everyone I wish to share with you some ideas of designs. I love doing stilettos as can put more art work on in :) Nails are my passion, into which put your whole heart and soul. Will update a topic every few days with some new designs and step by steps how the look was achive. Fell free to...
  8. ibizasun

    Nail Designs by Dorota Palicka

  9. ibizasun

    Scottish nail technicians?

    Hi there I live in small vilage in Scotland in Highlands are there any other Scottish Nail Technicians here. Would be nice to chat about a trends in our area and events. Are any of you going to Scottish Beauty in Edinburgh this year?
  10. ibizasun

    Permanent make-up prices

    Hi what prices do you charge for permanent make-up I didi put up on price list 300 for eyebrows? I;m located in Scotland