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  1. Claire@OBNMK

    Clubbed nails advice please

    I had a lady a few months ago come to me she has clubbed nails. They are not awful (going by pics of others on google) but they are certainly noticeable. I did a set of hard gel sculpts on her and then she came back for a rebalance 3 weeks later, everything was fine no lifting so cos her...
  2. Claire@OBNMK

    Portable air conditioner recommendations wanted

    Hubby is in the process of erecting my studio (log cabin) I want a portable air conditioner for when we do have hot days it doesn't get too warm and my gel doesn't get too runny. Can any one recommend an air conditioner or air cooler Thanks xxx
  3. Claire@OBNMK

    Running your business and coping with the loss of a very close family member, how did you cope?

    my grandad passed away 2 days ago friday. We were extremely close i never had my dad around growing up so he was like a father figure too. I did 3 regular clients yesterday and they knew he was nearing the end so them being there helped me a bit cos they understood the situation. But im really...
  4. Claire@OBNMK

    Recommendations for an anti dandruff sulfate free shampoo for hair extensions

    I'm due to have micro ring hair extensions put in using Remy hair and I've been told that i need to use a sulfate free shampoo.(no more Treseme for me then!) But i suffer from terrible itchy dandruff so much so that normal anti dandruff shampoos don't work nor does Nizoral shampoo (it used to...
  5. Claire@OBNMK

    Has anyone stopped doing feet and not looked back?

    I'm considering giving up feet, I really don't enjoy doing them, they are not very nice, fiddley, plus I get horrible backache when using my foot rest and combined stool, plus I've only done about 10 pairs in the last year (this is my first year of opening) Has anyone else given up on doing...
  6. Claire@OBNMK

    Help needed urgently please, infected nail

    Hi can i have some advise please. My neighbours daughter has acrylics on but she got into a fight Saturday just gone and damaged her pinkie. She said the nail is infected and very very sore (I saw it and it was yellow and crusty under the free edge and hyponychium. She says her natural nail has...
  7. Claire@OBNMK

    Has anyone suffered from cyberbullying?

    I'm so upset, my hubby loves photography and was a member of a website called Viewbug. But one member took it upon himself to wage a hate campaign against my hubby because he had a few forum friends there and a few of the women were complaing that this particular member was stalking them and...
  8. Claire@OBNMK

    What do you recommend for bitten nails-Brisa Lite or hard gel?

    As the title says I use brisa lite for my sculpts but would a hard gel be more suitable? These nails are very small and severely bitten.
  9. Claire@OBNMK

    OMG-one hand is darker than the other!

    OMG! just finished testing Crystal Nails titanium gel, which is great BTW but i've noticed one of my hands is darker than the other now (I've only put sculpts on one hand). Has this ever happened to anyone else?
  10. Claire@OBNMK

    Why does the natural nail curl away from the plastic tip?

    One of my clients has got tips and brisa lite gel on and when her free edge gets longer (about 3/4 mm or so ) it starts to curl away from the tips that i applied. Her natural nails are very thin and paper like :(, so i was just wondering why her free edge would do this? Can anyone help? xxx
  11. Claire@OBNMK

    Nail drill bit questions

    Can anyone tell me, 1: can i use a drill bit from a different manufacturer than the maker of my drill? 2: If i want to file off gelish off my enhancements (on my own nails), do i need a right handed bit and a left handed bit? Thankyou xx :hug:
  12. Claire@OBNMK

    Newbies to the industry not that busy this Christmas?

    Everyone has been telling me "You'll be busy at Christmas" But I'm not that much busier, I feel a bit down about it. Are there any other newbies not especially busy right now BTW this is my first christmas. :SAD:
  13. Claire@OBNMK

    I'm applying tips & Brisa Lite for the 1st time-advice?

    Hi as the title says. I only do sculptured nails but my client tonight wants tips and brisa lite instead (her nails are very thin and not strong, so I'll be filing her nails back before putting the tips on) I've only ever put 1 or 2 tips on myself in the past, so I'm really worried that...
  14. Claire@OBNMK

    I'm very low, been put on sertraline

    I think things have built up and last thursday was the last straw, i just feel i have no energy, tired, crying for no reason (watched an ad on tv and it made me cry!), i feel so useless and embarrassed. I even lost interest in my nails stuff and i normally love that and I've lost all creative...
  15. Claire@OBNMK

    Nail art stickers, on sticky layer or top coat layer

    Hi, I've Just got some snowflake stickers, do i put them ontop of the colour inhibition layer and then top coat? OR top coat, wipe off inhibition layer, stick on stickers then top coat again (maybe twice) Ta xx
  16. Claire@OBNMK

    Do I have to inform PPL and PRS that I'm royalty free?

    I've been informed that i cannot play music, radio or even TV (cos of theme tunes, adverts *roll eyes*) until i get these licences (if the music industry isn't rich enough!) I'm gonna use royalty free music from Jamendo, so should i inform the 2 companies that this is my intention (I dont...
  17. Claire@OBNMK

    The "Heated Mitts" debate

    The using heated mitts debate is very interesting. I've found using heated mitts very useful for removing Gelish, but i must add I am a little concerned. I have a wheat bag at home and whilst it's ok i guess the one i have is not very effective. I think for the heat to be effective for helping...
  18. Claire@OBNMK

    E-File training, but where? Any recommendations please

    I'd like to invest in an E-file and training. I know Kupa gets good reviews on here but what about the training, I live in Milton Keynes but have a car, can anyone recommend an educator. Also when i was searching for info about it i came across threads that said you need to have done L&P...
  19. Claire@OBNMK

    Edsyn Fume Extractor, Fuminator, does anyone use this?

    Looking at dust and fume extraction units and came accross this Edsyn Fume Extractor. Does any of you use this model, is it anygood. My hubby is talking of making me a nail table and he was gonna put an extractor fan in the table but I don't feel it would be powerful enough to take all of...
  20. Claire@OBNMK

    What size are the CND Additives pots-dimensions?

    When i say size i dont mean the weight, i mean the dimensions of the pot itself. My hubby is making me a wall rack today for glitters, additives, foils etc and my additives are in the post so dont have any to measure. If someone could measure one for me that would be brill xxx