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  1. BobSweden

    IKON.IQ or Magpie!

    Hi Leaby, To make a short test, you don't need to buy a UV lamp. There are two issues to consider with lamps: a) over curing - i.e. excessive heat during curing because the lamp is too bright for the product, and b) under curing - so the product is not correctly cured. The risk of under...
  2. BobSweden

    Candy Coat/Miss U gel remover

    Doug Schoon has tested similar products, that contained harmful ingredients. Here is a good write up from Victoria Hunter:
  3. BobSweden

    IBD Just Gel polish lifting issues!

    "plus a uv/ led lamp". Are you using an IBD LED-UV lamp?
  4. BobSweden

    Oval gel brush suggestions?

    Another oval brush #4 for gel sculpting, Ikon.IQ
  5. BobSweden

    Gel polish brand recommendations?

    The PRIMA are pretty competitevly priced, but also bear in mind that they only need one colour coat - saving time and money - plus, they are so pigmented you don't need to spend money on nail art gels.
  6. BobSweden

    Have anyone used Alibaba for beauty furniture supplies

    Have you calculated the cost of shipment, customs duties and fees? Do you have a VAT number and EORI number needed for imports? Unless you plan to distribute these and ship in container loads from China, it is unlikely to be worthwhile. Shipping by sea takes 4 to 6 weeks, plus the factories own...
  7. BobSweden

    Overwhelmed with nail brands

    We are not allowed to post product prices here, so I will send you a message.
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    I’m allergic to nail products

    HEMA-free may not be enough. HEMA is a cross sensitizer - this means that once an allergy to HEMA develops, that encourages allergies to other ingredients. This is why those with a HEMA allergy pretty much always have allergies to other ingredients. So if the HEMA-free product contains one or...
  9. BobSweden

    Nail dust, Dyson fan or extractor?

    Ideally, you need a filter system that cleans the air within your "working zone". It won't help much if a Dyson is humming away in the corner of the salon, while you breath dust straight of the e-file. In the UK, the Vodex is a serious product - my preference is the Pure Air with two inlets -...
  10. BobSweden

    Gel polish shaker?

    If the gel polish has been developed correctly, there should be no need to shake it. Pigment or glitters drop when the amount of suspension agent ingredient is not correct. Shaking can add air bubbles.
  11. BobSweden

    Guy 36 trying to become a nail tech

    If a salon has to worry about the cost of materials per service, that often suggests they are not able to charge higher prices and add value. It also say nothing about how long a service takes and the other costs per hour. Focus on developing skills, being unique in your region. Develop a...
  12. BobSweden

    Guy 36 trying to become a nail tech

    Whichever route you take, get a head start with this book:
  13. BobSweden

    Which gel products for nail designs?

    This one-stoke was made entirely using the IKON.IQ PRIMA gel polish. Separate gel paints are no longer needed as it is possible to make even very fine detail nail art using this.
  14. BobSweden

    Magic Gel remover review

  15. BobSweden

    Halo gel polish?

    That is exactly how it works in Ukraine, Russia and many former Soviet countries who are not in the EU. The importer has to submit product samples for analysis to a government accredited laboratory, in order to obtain a certificate authorising ability to sell in the country.
  16. BobSweden

    Halo gel polish?

    Some refuse to accepts facts even having developed allergies and many go on to choose to rebrand using what I would consider potentially high-risk brands. As a result, it is increasingly common that they develop even more allergies, or salon clients develop onycholysis and they then have to...
  17. BobSweden

    Halo gel polish?

    BAD article in Daily Mail: Summary of BAD report with key points highlighted...
  18. BobSweden

    Halo gel polish?

    The MSDS above states 40-45% HEMA, and that is higher than the 35% maximum recommended by the SCCS in Molko72's post. So clear the product exceeds the maximum amount recommended by the EU SCCS (the scientists and dermatologists who decide which ingredients are safe for cosmetic use). Fact is...
  19. BobSweden

    Halo gel polish?

    With any product, always ask for the Safety Data Sheet (MSDS is an obsolete format since 2013). One point that is always worth checking is if a product uses HEMA and then how much. Less that 20% is ok (no HEMA is better), but more than 20% is a higher allergy risk and typical of non USA/EU products.
  20. BobSweden

    My head is being turned

    It's even more complicated o_O:D Imagine looking for your favourite radio station. To do that you adjust the "wavelength". But you don't hear. anything - because the volume is too low. For a correct cure, a UV lamp must not only generate UV at the correct wavelength(s) for the photo initiator...