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  1. *Garfield*

    Experienced/Qualified Nail Tech/Beautician looking for work, employed or self employ

    I am a Creative/Ezflow qualified full service Nail Tech with 4 years experience. I have also completed courses in faceskincare, manicure, make up application and lash/brow treatments. I was a Habia Health & Safety award winner in 2007. I have had a home based salon since qualifying so I am used...
  2. *Garfield*

    Gutted - broken arm - cant work!!

    Just wanted to have a moan really cos Im so fed up:irked: I fell downstairs on new years eve and broke my right arm and so am in plaster for the next 6 weeks!!:rolleyes: I have had to ring all my clients and cancel them, most were understanding and have said they will come back, but some have...
  3. *Garfield*

    Intensive Driving Courses

    Hi Geeks, I have been learning to drive (on and off!) since I was 17, and have failed my test twice. Up until last week I hadnt driven for 3 years, but now I really want to do it and have been driving my hubbys car locally and am driving fine, I just need to brush up on my parking and...
  4. *Garfield*

    ITEC level 3 Nail Technology Diploma

    Just enrolled onto this course at Armonia in Hatfield, Doncaster. Start on the 12th Sept, cant wait! :) Has any one else done this course, if so what did you think? I am doing it as I want to go on to do my cert.ed so I can teach. I wanted to do the NVQ 3, but nowhere near me offers it...
  5. *Garfield*

    Foundation Degree

  6. *Garfield*

    Foundation Degree

    Sorry if this is in wrong forum.....Have been looking into doing a foundation degree in Beauty Therapy & Health studies, and just wondered if any of you had done it/knew anything about it such as entry requirements/ career prospects after graduating etc as cant find much info on the net, and my...
  7. *Garfield*

    Health & Saftey inspection-home salon?

    I had an email off a lady at the coucil earlier today about a health & saftey inspection for my home salon, I called her back and has arranged to come out in June...I just wondered if anyone else had had an inspection as a home salon as I really dont know what to expect!! The lady said there is...
  8. *Garfield*

    Going for the chop?

    Hi Geeks, I am booked in to the hairdressers on Weds to have my hair all cut off.:eek: :eek: At the moment it is really long, thick, mid back length and straight with a fringe. It has been annoying me for a bit because it only looks nice if I spend about 2 hours drying it etc. However, since I...
  9. *Garfield*

    Sculpting charges

    Following on from Ambers thread,:hug: for those that offer tipping and sculpting, do you charge more for sculpts, or less (or the same)...and why? If you charge more, how do you 'sell' it to your clients?? Ive just started sculpting, and not sure how much I should be charging, and how to...
  10. *Garfield*

    Problems with staining on nails?

    I had a client last night for a rebalance of forever french. She had them applied (by me) 3 weeks ago, using retention+, its the first time ive used it on a client as its from the trail kit I bought. She had been on hol for a week, and said that the nails had discolored badly - they were like...
  11. *Garfield*

    Creative L&P induction booked!!!!

    So excited, have just booked my CND L&P induction, so if any other geeks are going to Leeds on the 17 Oct Ill see you then!! I cant wait!!!!:)
  12. *Garfield*

    CNd induction - Nail trainer as model?

    Hi, I am hopeing to book myself for the CND L&P induction running in October, but will have probs finding a model that can get there for 1pm.:rolleyes: I read on the website that you could use a nail trainer for the induction if you cant get a model, but in the porfolio it says you need a...
  13. *Garfield*

    Creative conversion course - please help!!!

    Im wanting to do a conversion to CND L&P, and poss Brisa (depending on cost), however, travelling during the week is near enough impossible for me due to getting kids to school etc, and i dont drive!!:cry: So, Im wanting to know if its possible to have a 121 induction course in my home salon...
  14. *Garfield*

    Paypal users - beware spoof emails!!!

    Following on from sassys thread re phone scams,:hug: I just wanted to alert any paypal users to a scam going around at the mo. Last week I recieved an email from, saying that there had been a problem with a transaction on my account, so they were limiting my spending until I...
  15. *Garfield*

    Premium Geek!!!

    Hi all, just wanted to let you all know: Im a PREMIUM GEEK!!!!! yahay!!!:lol: Thought it was about time!!:hug:
  16. *Garfield*

    Wraps application help

    I ve just had a lady book in for a set of wraps doing, over tips, and though I trained in 2004 with ezflow, i havnt done many since! I have looked at the tutorial but just have a cple of things I need help with! 1. After Ive applied the fabric, and am wanting to build the stess area, do I...
  17. *Garfield*

    Ezflow Geeks - Pastel flowers

    Hiya, Have been down to my local Ezflow Distributers to purchase some of the pastel flowers collection to have a bash at custom blending, and they have told me that I cant buy them individually anymore? Is this right? I dont really want to buy the whole kit at £50, as I dont think ill use it...
  18. *Garfield*

    Ashbergers syndrome

    Hi After years of heartache & trips to specialist Drs my oldest (who is 9) has been diagnosed with Asbergers syndrome. We have always known he was a little different, and it has caused us a lot of family trouble as he is a damanding little boy to look after. I just wondered if anyone...
  19. *Garfield*

    Non paying client - what to do!

    Okay,I have a client who is a nightmare. I dont mean shes rude or anything like that, but she repeatedly comes and gets her nails and waxing done, and when Im finnished says shes forgot her purse/cashpoint was broken etc, and I have to wait for 2 weeks for her to cough up!:irked: This client...
  20. *Garfield*

    Strange requests from clients

    Just wondered what are the strangest requests you ve had off clients - for instance I have a lady who asks me not to 'worry about filing them so they all look the same' as she thinks they look more natural all different lengths:!: I have another lady who dosnt like them buffed to a shine...