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  1. sarah1988

    Mobile Techs, what's your uniform like?

    Hi I'm mobile and I wear black trousers and a purple tunic and my towels are the same purple :) Sarah :) x
  2. sarah1988

    Shellac coral?

    One layer tropix with one layer lobster roll makes a nice colour! X Sarah :) x
  3. sarah1988


    I use surgical spirit to clean surfaces and my couch down with but I cover them with towels and couch roll anyway. For tools I use barbicide and after I scrub my nail files/foot files I use the mundo sanitising spray x Sarah :) x
  4. sarah1988

    Valentine's Day packages

    Oh I did not realise lol thank you very much.:) xx
  5. sarah1988

    Valentine's Day packages

    Just marking this for later :) x x
  6. sarah1988

    Instagram inspiration!

    Ooh I'm sarah_at_bb I love Instagram I find it really inspiring :) x
  7. sarah1988

    Paying for petrol

    I always pay for my petrol out of my business account but im not sure if there's a right or wrong really x
  8. sarah1988

    Leaving the room during a facial.....

    Hi there I never leave my clients alone but that's just my personal choice and also I wonder if your insurance would cover you if they had a reaction and you were no where to be seen? I offer hand or scalp massage whilst they have mask on then just sit quietly for the rest of the time, I know a...
  9. sarah1988

    Pastel Shellac

    Oohh these are fab! Would love to see some more I'm going to have a play later as I think cityscape would be good at making pastel colours? X
  10. sarah1988

    Acetone proof gloves for Shellac removal

    Ok maybe I'll change mine then, can I just ask which ones you all use please? mine are the ones from sallys that are acetone safe and don't leak thanks xx
  11. sarah1988

    Acetone proof gloves for Shellac removal

    I use a pump dispenser and the magis wraps and it still gets one of my nails, when I press the wrap down on the pump then lift it up sometimes a bit runs down the wrap onto my nails. I've tried not pressing a full pump but then it's not enough, maybe it's certain pump bottles?? X
  12. sarah1988

    Portable wax pot?

    Hi I just wondered how you get round this if they don't have a microwave or if it's broken? X
  13. sarah1988

    Acetone proof gloves for Shellac removal

    Silly phone cut me off lol that was meant to be just wondering if someone could explain geegs method mentioned earlier? Please :) xx
  14. sarah1988

    Acetone proof gloves for Shellac removal

    Maybe it's just me but I use the nitrile gloves only as a few of my clients are allergic to latex and even with the magis wraps and pump the acetone it still gets my middle finger :( Just wondering if someone could explain
  15. sarah1988

    New Shellac colours

    I just used cityscape for the first time tonight and I really like it :) Thought it might help you choose lol here's a pic x
  16. sarah1988

    Waxing without a bed

    Yours sounds like the same as mine :) I've never had any trouble with the fact it doesn't sit up either also I find it's a bit wider and feels really sturdy x
  17. sarah1988

    Waxing without a bed

    Hi I think for your clients comfort it's needed but mostly so you can carry out the treatments properly and professionally, Also If your client lays on the floor for say a full leg wax imagine how much your back will hurt afterwards! Definitely get a couch even If it's a cheaper one have a...
  18. sarah1988

    Upper leg/inner thigh wax

    Hi there I just wondered do you do there full leg wax laid down or sat up? I find with slightly larger ladies if I lay them flat for the thighs it's much easier, bend the knee and place their hands in a stretch were it's best for you hth x
  19. sarah1988

    New Shellac colours

    I've just bought rubble, cityscape and dark lava :) x
  20. sarah1988

    How's this nail art done?

    Ooohhhhh i like this :) x