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  1. Laurachicgeek

    Massage complaint

    Hi all I did a massage on a client on Friday who had a few nots on her back and a couple on her neck. Anyway I got a phone call this morning with her saying that she's had a migraine ever since the massage??? I've told her to consult her doctor. What else could I do? She said she suffers from...
  2. Laurachicgeek


    Morning all, I'm wanting to change my spray tan to nouvatan as I've heard soo many good things on this site. Just a quick question. Which one is better 12% or 14% for those that want to look like they've gone on holiday for 2 week? Look forward to your responses :)
  3. Laurachicgeek

    Business coach

    Hi all, Just wondering what your thoughts are on having a business coach? Has anyone had them? Do they really help your business? Just really wanting to no your thoughts. Look forward to hearing from you
  4. Laurachicgeek

    Tanning geeks, please help!

    Hi all I'm in a bit of a dilemma. I've got a group of 15 girls who each want a spray tan done (very excited). I work in a small room which I rent in a barber shop. They want to come in at 2pm and all get a spray tan done. I have a second job to go to and ive got to be there for 5pm the very...
  5. Laurachicgeek

    Shrinking Violet course

    Hi all just to say I just finished my shrinking violet course and it was amazing!!!!! My client lost 5 inches!!!! :O I'm now booked up and I need to order more stock ALL READY!!! :D if your thinking about doing this course don't hesitate just go for it!!! Best thing I've done!!! Had a lovely...
  6. Laurachicgeek

    Shrinking Violet course

  7. Laurachicgeek

    Best nose strips?

    Hi all, Just wondered in your opinion which nose strips for removing black heads works best for you? Or what's your best remedy for removing black heads? Love to hear your answers :)
  8. Laurachicgeek

    Cut out slip

    Hi all. I'm just in the middle of writing my newsletter and I'm wanting to offer a voucher where they can just print off cut out and bring with them on appointment. What I would like to no is how do you create the cut out sign? The one with scissors at the end. I look forward to your responses :)
  9. Laurachicgeek

    Mail chimp

    Hi all I'm trying to set up a mail chimp account but it won't let me do anything when I'm trying to activate it? Please help! Many thanks
  10. Laurachicgeek

    Massage promotions

    Hi all! I really need some help on how to boost my massage hotstones massage and facial treatments?? Nails is easy as you can just take pictures. But how do you promote massage?
  11. Laurachicgeek

    Eyelash tinting

    Hi all I'm no this is on another thread but I'm out and haven't got time to find it right now. With regards to tinting patch test to be taken 48hours before. What if client can only do it 7 days before? Will that make me uninsured? I need to get back to her ASAP but I don't think it will cover...
  12. Laurachicgeek

    Salon room

    Eeeekkkk just wanted to show you all my salon room. I'm opening on Tuesday! Already got 4 bookings and very excited!! I no it's small but perfect for just me :D No money left for an open day unfortunately but I am offering 10% off first beauty treatment and gift vouchers are available. ( great...
  13. Laurachicgeek

    Cleaning CND lamp

    Hi all I just wanted to no what do you use to clean out your CND uv lamp? I'm shellac trained and for the first time got a client that got shellac on the bulb. I was thinking ipa but is that ok? Can I use it to clean the rest of the lamp? Look forward to hearing from you
  14. Laurachicgeek


    Hi all just got a quote for £100 leaflets £32 plus £45 for a one off charge for art work. Is this good? Look forward to hearing from you :)
  15. Laurachicgeek

    Beauty room

    Hi all, Just wanted some advice. I'm a mobile beautician about to move into a rented room in a hair salon. There was a lady there before me so there are clients ready and waiting which is great! Only thing is apparently my prices are too high to what they normally pay.the salon owner said they...
  16. Laurachicgeek

    Book keeping online

    Hi all, About to open a rented salon room next month. I'm mobile now and so far I've used a book to make appointments and excel for all my incomings and outgoings. Just wanted to know if there's an app or something online that puts it all together for you so you can see how much you've taken...
  17. Laurachicgeek

    Success stories-share yours

    Hi all, I'm seeing alot of threads of people leaving the industry or giving up for one reason or another which is very sad and I really do feel for them. However I'm about to start renting a beauty room at beginning of march and would like to hear some positive success stories to lighten the...
  18. Laurachicgeek

    Nail desk

    Hi all I'm going to be renting a room as as from march but would like to know where I can get any second hand nail desk from or cheap one??? I haven't got much money so was hoping someone could help with this? Any special websites or anything I could go on? Look forward to hearing from you :)
  19. Laurachicgeek

    What do you think?

    This is my 3rd set of shellac French manicure. I just posted it on Facebook and I had someone in polish slate my work. I then asked what did she said then got told there rubbish and would never pay for them!!! I've seen this girl before but she's on my pag. So upset and annoyed! As I only like...
  20. Laurachicgeek

    What do you think?